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Chris B. of TGF writes:

"In a time when games by publishers are pumping out right and left in less time than they can market it properly, they are beginning to become more un-attractive and less worth your hard earned money these days, but some titles like to take their time. Some even become legendary for their long turnaround time and some simply never materialize. Remedy’s Alan Wake seemed destined to become one of the latter, but fortunately steps were taken to make sure it saw the light of day. Or it could be the dark of night depending on your take on the video game."

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Gamealot3062d ago

the game its pretty good i guess

Redrum0593062d ago

Good score for a good game. I've always had a passion for thriller games as resident evil 2 was one of my first fav games wen I started gaming hardcore. Playing resident evil 2 wen being 8years old can realy scare the hell out of u

orange-skittle3062d ago

Isn't it a week and half too late for this review?

Trebius3062d ago

It's definitely a game worth checking out at some point, nothing to go nuts over though.

AKS3062d ago

80 of 100 is not "average." It's actually quite good, and I think that fits this game pretty well.

AKS3062d ago

Uh, oh. This could turn hostile. I gave Alan Wake a higher score than that and still was attacked. This game appears to be sacrosanct for the truly devoted AW fans. It's a very good game regardless.

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Arnon3062d ago

I was shot down to 1 bubble for loving the game.

CobraKai3062d ago

Wow, that sux. I loved the game too.

xHarvey3062d ago

Talk about lame. I even read your past comments to make sure, bubbles up. Yeah this game is great. It has it's flaws but what game doesn't? The story was well told and made me wanting more. The ending was brilliant. It was left to interpretation and now I can't wait to buy the DLC to fill in the missing plot holes. I'm hoping for a seaqual.

ThatCanadianGuy3062d ago

I guess you didn't look very far back.
It was his trolling that led him to one bubble.Not the big bad sony fanboys.

orange-skittle3062d ago

I got disagrees for saying the review came too late considering the game was released a week ago and people have already completed it. People are already playing Alpha Protocol.

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Inside_out3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I agree with the comments and general feeling here...Great game with some of the best graphics this gen. Guy's like Greywulf don't play games, they don't research anything they say/print. He's lost in numbers like the PC community....sad little dude

Alan Wake was ground breaking in many ways. I don't believe any developer has done what they have done here. The game play is actually better looking than the cut scenes.

Was it game is. The game was in development to long, no doubt about that. It started as a open world game and changed half way thru. Not including a multi-player component in this day and age is a mistake. Imagine if they had a few defend type co-op maps, like horde. It would of been amazing. Playing split screen or on line with up to 4 players would of been a blast. Maybe next time.

BTW...I don't think I could complete 3 chapters in 7 hrs, let alone 6...Took me on normal 12+ hrs...alot longer on hard and still missing alot of stuff...

T9X693062d ago

I just beat the game for the first time on Hard and it took me about 7 1/2 hours. It was a pretty good game (very easy though), but nothing like everyone hyped it up to be. I'm glad I had no expectations for this game and because of that I really enjoyed it. Where the people who have been waiting years for this to come out are disappointed.

Good game but not worth the $60, I would say wait till its $30-$40 then pick it up, or just rent it.

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