Alan Wake Already On Sale at GAME

Game-Smack Ireland - Alan Wake has only been out for 2 weeks and already places are starting to cut the price on the psychological thriller from Remedy Studios.

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Dylantalon13152d ago

alan wake is actually a good game but its suffering because a lot of people dont like new ips with new gameplay elements. i would actually buy alan wake if i didnt feel as though my xbox is playing russian roullette everytime i turn it on. i hate when a good game suffers saleswise because it makes more devs think twice about taking risks or dev new ips.

El Botto3151d ago Show
Montrealien3151d ago

I agree, it is a great game. It`s to bad you think of russian roulette everytime you turn on you Xbox 360 though, I know the feeling, getting that RROD sucks. I have been on the same boat with my PS3 also this year, since I got the disc reading issue I am on the edge of my seat everytime a Blu-ray loads up hoping it will be recognized. This gen has been rough for me! lol

But with that said, yeah, if you can get Allan Wake in the bargain bin, jump on it, its a hard sell at full price, but at a lower price, this game is a must have.

PR0X13151d ago

I know some places that sell games 30% off even at day one.

Just look what Rockstar did to that UK retailer... they skipped them with RDR because they did this.

dizzleK3152d ago

it's called "on sale", saying prices are "slashed" makes it sound like it's in the bargain bin.

Montrealien3151d ago

It`s all about perspective. To me, the term (on sale) so shortly after release means some buyers at GAME over estimated this game a little and now they have to clear out their stock asap.

I sold all the Alan wakes I ordered I have 4 left, and it sold pretty good, but I know it was not a monster hit, clearly the people at GAME scotland thought so.

bioshock12213151d ago

Why are people acting like this is a big deal. There are deals for every single game out there that comes out eventually. Red Dead Redemption was on sale not to long ago. I don't get why this is news.

ShinMaster3152d ago

Whether it means bargain bin/slashed or on sale... it's still pretty early. Didn't this come out like last week?

[note: "last week" was not meant to be an accurate statement]

Cajun Chicken3152d ago

Nice. I'll be getting that in the future, hopefully.

AK463151d ago

AW was on the wrong platform. The ones who did buy it were probably the mature gamers of the 360.

Anon19743151d ago

AW looks excellent but certainly isn't burning up the 360 charts. It current looks like it'll struggle to break 500k in it's first month. By contrast a game like Heavy Rain had no problem moving copies on the PS3.

I think the price point is another problem. I will be picking up Alan Wake...just not for the $70 cdn they want for it here.

Al Bundy3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

I think this confirms that the Xbox is the shooterbox. If it isn't a shooter it won't sell on the Xbox. If a game with as much hype as Alan Wake, which was also hyped to have the best graphics yet, don't sell on the Xbox then the shooterbox moniker is true. God of War III, which is hack-n-slash, is the biggest selling HD exclusive and it's on the PS3 so it sold. Heavy Rain also hit 1 million quickly for a new IP and new genre and it's on the PS3. As great as Mass Effect 2 was it only sold 890k on the Xbox and only 1.7 million when you count the PC version but the next Halo and the next COD will sell 10 million each on the Xbox. Just goes to show that the Xbox user base is only interested in shooters.

KiRBY30003151d ago

i cant help but think that game isnt on the right platform. it should have been a multiplat or a PS3 exclusive.

the fact that games like the last splinter cell is rated above alan wake is beyond my understanding. kinda shows what people like to play on that platform... imo alan wake is one of the best solo game on 360 right now.

blodulv3151d ago

and I thought it was excellent. Sure, it has some minor issues, but overall I give it a good 8.5

Truth be told though, I just was talking to a couple of people at work who only have 360's and neither one of them had even heard of this game.

What are they playing you might ask? Modern Warfare 2.

True story, case closed.

sikbeta3151d ago

Guys, you also need to take in consideration Piracy, which affect More To Single Player Games than Multiplayer cos of Live...

poopface13151d ago

because the best selling games on PS3 arent FPS either...... SARCASM.

The best selling games on ps3 are FPS.

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