Mega Man Zero Collection Has These New Features

Siliconera writes:

Capcom is about to release Mega Man Zero Collection for the Nintendo DS. Yes, it’s a compilation of the four GBA Mega Man Zero games, but this also has some bonus features.

Capcom officially announced these features:

- Collection Mode: Players can collect wallpapers for the bottom screen, mod cards, and character cards. Character cards come with facts about characters in the Mega Man Zero series so you have a portable character dictionary of sorts. Mod cards are earned when modifying Zero.

- Button configuration: You can customize the controls in Mega Man Zero Collection.

- Easy Scenario mode: This is a “beginner friendly” version of the Mega Man Zero games where you go through Mega Man Zero 1 through 4 in order.

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Favorite Character EVAR, all over this.

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but yes, I am SO all over this as well! Day. Effin'. One.