How Well Did Sega’s Resonance of Fate Do?

After failing to top the charts in it’s debut month of March in North America, fans of the Sega/Tri-Ace collaboration, Resonance of Fate, may be curious to know just how well the game did over all.

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Servbot3114d ago

Any RPG fan should really pick this game up. It's a damn shame that it's not getting the attention that it deserves.

Kalowest3114d ago

Truly this game is crazy, loving this [email protected] game, A true RPG fan should have this in their collection.

wicko3114d ago

I agree, love this game. While it doesn't have the ridiculous production values FFXIII has, in my opinion its much more fresh and entertaining.

Cerberus21253114d ago

I stop playing FFXIII to play this game,base on fun factor this is my second best RPG this gen after Valkyria Chronicles.

execution173114d ago


and i've been meaning to pick up RoF, i'd pick it up june, but i'm getting another TV, so maybe in July if i get WKC plat HA jk impossible

Reibooi3114d ago

I have not gotten the chance to play this yet. I am very interested in it however. I won't have the cash to pick it up until early July but once I do I will be picking it up.

I do have to agree the timing for it's release was poor and they should have probably held it back until July or August just to give it a better chance to sell as the flood of games has slowed down.

phantomexe3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

why did they block my post what did i say that was bad? i asked if the game was any good and if it was to japanese like ff13 how is that offensive?

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Bolts3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

It's just another JRPG that doesn't appeal to the western market and it shows in the reviews.

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Godmars2903114d ago

250K on both consoles would be the best hoped for I should think. though I'd think they'd report it if it sold that.

Delta3114d ago

I have this game. I think it's truly a great game.

jack_burt0n3114d ago

Hey SEGA you know they guy that put this game up for release at the same time as FF13 and GOW you should fire him.

And hire a medium sized potted plant.

TheColbertinator3114d ago

Yeah they released Rof and Yakuza 3 to a really crowded schedule

Godmars2903114d ago

Sure I'd proabbly do something stupid like recommend the Neptune game for Western release, make Valkyria Chronicles 3 a naval or air title on the PS3, but at least I'd have a week's worth of a six figured annual salary...

Theonik3114d ago

I would add Shenmue 3 to that list as well. Also i really think Sega should start releasing games in the Summer instead. It's a perfect period, not a lot of games are coming out then so people want a good game and they are providing it when very few other publishers do.

-MD-3114d ago

I would have picked it up if I didn't have 6 rpgs sitting here unopened. It looks pretty fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.