Sony planning iPad killer

The Tokyo-based company, which announced a business alliance with Google Inc. on May 20, plans to base the new products on Google's Android operating system, the main rival to the iPhone OS operating system. It expects to start worldwide distribution later this fiscal year.

The company already has a strong lineup of portable electronic brands, including the PlayStation Portable mobile videogame console, the Xperia smartphone and the Walkman portable music player. The new strategy is to wrap those functions together in multi-functional devices.

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MechaGear3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

maybe theres more than just one psp 2 commin' at us ^^

Kors3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Maybe there will be a Standard PSP2 Edition and a PSP2 Smartphone/Tablet-PC Edition. Maybe.

DeltaZ3R053065d ago

That would be sweet!, psp2 Smartphone day 1 for me.

FURY__UNLEASHED3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

PSP 2/Smartphone would be legit!

I was going to get an iPad but then I realized it's just an oversized, less portable, iPod Touch. I got a 3rd generation iPod Touch instead and it's great! I mean c'mon, the iPad doesn't even have Flash and they're charging a minimum of $500 WTF?!

Here's a thought: What if the rumored XMB revamp was a switch to the Android OS? I doubt it but just sayin'...

HolyOrangeCows3065d ago

If they make a PSP2 that works as a tablet computer, then no thanks.

HolyOrangeCows3065d ago

Maybe their tablets will actually be able to multitask and not cost twice what it should?

sikbeta3065d ago

Sony, Just make a PSP2 with smart-phone Features and forget about that giant i-pod...

Microsoft Xbox 3603065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

If the PSP 2 is a complete touchscreen device, count me out. In order to capture the true gaming crowd, we need physical analog buttons. Games on the Apple AppStore are just a novelty. I have an iPad and one of my main reasons for getting it was the games. 2 months later I still haven't played one game for more than 5 minutes. Pure touchscreen games fail so hard. I use my iPad as a drawing tablet now.

What I want Sony to do is a dual boot OS or hybrid option. XMB and Android OS on a slate tablet design with two joysticks and the necessary buttons. It would bring the PSP division to a whole new level. It'll be a computing device and a hardcore's mobile gaming system.

kingdavid3065d ago

Itd need to revolutionize the power contained in a handheld imo and I think they can pull it off. PSP 1 revolutionized in that way and now its a bit older.

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Nitrowolf23065d ago

if that was ever possible (and not those one that people made alone) then i would buy that day one. The size of the psp with the power of a ps3

2Negative3065d ago

PSP2 that is also a smart phone to be unvailed at E3 and on sale by year's end? Hmmmmmmmmm

Philaroni3065d ago

To be honest the Ipad is nice just it lacks quite a few things we need, an android tablet would be great even more so with flash and a built in web cam and other goodies. Maybe Sony is looking to the tablet market, they do make ebook readers and what not so its not too far fetched.

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