The Art Behind God of War III

God of War III can easily be considered as the greatest looking console game of all time, maybe even across all platforms. Its huge scale and extensive amount of detail produce a breathtaking display of awesomeness. This article will show and discuss how Santa Monica Studio managed to raise the bar in video game graphics.

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MGRogue20173059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

... I've got God of War 3 but aren't able to play it just yet as I am currently playing through the God of War Collection which has the first & second games in the GOW franchise so I'm going through them first so I can understand the whole story & everything, You know? :D

I really want to play it though as I want to see the impressive graphics but I will continue to hold back until I've completed both GOW1+2 :)

Greywulf3059d ago

but as impressive as 1&2. The art is just amazing, and it translates into the game so well.

Hades in GOW3 is insane. Wish they would make a gow movie.

cayal3059d ago

I don't think a God of War movie would do the art direction justice.

despair3059d ago

like they say the first 10 minutes of GOW3 will destroy everything you thought you knew about graphics and epic. The rest keeps the pace with some even more impressive areas later on(not to spoil anything) but get GOW collection done fast you're missing alot

AAACE53059d ago

Overall, I loved GoW 3! The graphical detail was great and the experience was one of the best i've had!

tunaks13059d ago

the art in GOW is phenomenal,
it pains me to say it, but I wish there was a dynamic camera so that I could look at the surroundings :D

bjornbear3059d ago

great unlocks =) this games are is outstanding,

the scale, detail, colour palette and designs are top notch

love it =D

DevastationEve3059d ago

The art is and always has been one of GoW's strong points. But honestly the guy is so one dimensional in his pursuit. I think aggression and violence are his only methods of dealing with his issues.

Then again...he's a war god, LOL. Blood guts and chicken wings.

C L O U D3059d ago

Played all 3 games recently and seen all the videos of the making of God of War 1, 2 and 3. Truly a magnificent studio, it is an inspiration to step into the gaming industry.

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The story is too old to be commented.