New Deus Ex : Human Revolution E3 Trailer snaps

Gamersmint : Eidos today teased their E3 trailer for the next game in the Deus Ex franchise, known as Deus Ex : Human Revolution. They posted three snapshots taken from the trailer scheduled to be showcased this E3.

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Cevapi883062d ago like to believe it is in game...Deus Ex was amazing when it first came out to PC

rroded3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

the first one was pretty epic in its rpg elements and gameplay pretty sure it was the first 'open' world fps

as long as they have that fun factor idc bout the graphics lookin like cgi

SaberEdge3062d ago

Oh dear god, this is one of the games I have been waiting for forever. Deus Ex is still one of my favorite games of all time and even Deus Ex Invisible War is in my top 10. Needless to say, I love this franchise. I can't wait to see what they have done with it.

Too bad the trailer appears to be pre-rendered CGI. I can't wait to see more though.

HolyOrangeCows3062d ago

I can't wait to see gameplay....well, and the E3 trailer.

The Lazy One3062d ago

Even for CG that's pretty awesome.

Can't wait to see gameplay though. I almost jizzed when I saw this at GDCAs.

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gryfindor13062d ago

no...i bet that's CG for sure...

Kingdom Come3062d ago

So in fact don't wait, we've waited long enough! Give us gameplay at E3! I'm not a die hard fan but I'm still interested in the title as the previous installments were great, No more CG!

cyborg3062d ago

It is CGI but I am hopeful that we will get to see some actual gameplay footage this coming E3. I am really banking on Eidos to deliver with this. Deus Ex remains my all-time favorite, they must do justice to it this time around. For me Invisble Wars does not exists btw, this is the game I am hoping to play.

ultramoot3062d ago

Seeing the way they tried to make the game "available to a wider audience", I'm betting this is gonna be another 'Invisible War', so no thanks. And Eidos games are crap, most of the time.

cyborg3062d ago

Eidos has some of my favorite games under their belt, from the Thief series to Tomb Raider to Hitman and Legacy Of Kain. Not to forget Arkham Asylum and my all-time favorite Deus Ex.

They are certainly not a studio with whom you can relate the word crap to. Also, I am terribly optimistic that they will deliver with both this and Thi4f. I am also hoping to see them reveal a new Hitman game this e3. I really enjoyed playing Blood money. Please make this click Eidos.

ultramoot3062d ago

I didn't like any of the Tom Raider games(I don't get what the big deal is, other than Lara Croft's assets). I liked only the first 2 Thief games. Didn't really enjoy the Hitman series. Deus Ex 1 was good, the sequel was crap. Arkham Asylum was okay, not exactly the masterpiece it was made out to be, even though I'm a HUGE Batman-fan.

Looking at the last thief game, which was a big disappointment for me, I'm pretty sure they're not gonna go back to the original Thief roots. So, until I hear and see otherwise, I'm not at all excited.

BTW, I said 'most' not 'all'. I sincerely hope I'm wrong about Deus Ex 3 and Thief 4, but as it stands I'm not yet convinced..

BakedGoods3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Eidos just published these titles Ion Storm developed Dues Ex. After Dues Ex 2 and Thief Warren Spector left, and Eidos shut down the studio. Not to mention Eidos made none of the games you've mentioned: IO made Hitman, and CORE did Tomb Raider (now it's Crystal Dynamics).

So, just because Eidos' name is on this title, doesn't mean it'll live up to expectations. I've even heard it's a third-person shooter with Gears of War cover mechanics.

Lame =/

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