Pre-E3 Preview: Civilization V (DualShockers)

Chad Awkerman of DualShockers writes, "Civilization V, in many ways, is the culmination of all these years of learning from the development of the franchise. Of course, they said that about Civilization IV, too, however they did learn a lot from that masterpiece in the last five years, as well. Civilization V represents one of the largest changes in the design philosophy the franchise has seen and it was immediately noticeable in the few screens that had been released to the press prior to this, as well as when they started up the demo in that little room.

Let’s discuss some of the major changes, and I’ll give my thoughts on each one as we go down the list."

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Hitman07693065d ago

Oh yeahhh!! I have been a fan of this game since before I can remember.

JoelT3065d ago

I have a feeling this game is going to HUGE, as if it's name wasn't big enough already!

iiprotocolii3065d ago

Is a great series. Till this day I continue to play Civ 4 + expansions. After previewing Civ 5 at PAX, I can say that the game looks incredibly well put together. It has a great following, unique gameplay, and very addicting overall.

Chadness3065d ago

I just played some Civ IV last night. Still playing it, still looking forward to Civ V.

Bolts3065d ago

I'm concerned about so many core changes to the game. The hex square is something that should improve the series but I'm not so sure about the new one unit per title rule. What that means is there will be less units and epic game. It'll also make micro managing units much more annoying.

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