PSP systems being offered to airlines

Andrew Yoon Writes:

Don't be too shocked if your next flight offers you a PSP as part of your in-flight entertainment package. IFE Services has announced a new partnership with SCEA to offer airlines the ability to add custom tailored PSPs to flights. In addition to being "fully certified for use in-flight," the systems will include an extended life battery which offers up to 11 hours of playback -- perfect for lengthy flights. In addition, IFE will offer "comprehensive crew training" for flight attendants of interested airlines.

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SactoGamer3062d ago

So they'll charge us $50 per checked piece of luggage but they'll let us play a $200 gaming system while on the flight? That just doesn't make sense.

spektical3062d ago

idk about you, but i get two carry-ons for free on southwest.

di0medes3062d ago

Hah, can anyone else imagine all of the passengers playing ace combat over adhoc? Then again, they would probably need to give out manuals with each psp for that to happen.