GOONL!NE E3 Predictions

James Love, GOONL!NE writes: It’s that time of year again folks with E3 upon us now in a matter of weeks.

Speculation is rife with what to expect from the show, so we at GOONL!NE thought we’d throw down our predictions for what we think (and would like) to appear at this years show. Some of it may be wishful thinking but hey, we can dream, right?

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Death24943089d ago

Honestly price will be one of the deciding factors in motion control war. But at the of the day, software is going to decide the winner. Sony, unlike Microsoft, has a very large first party to invest in and make Move games that really utilize it. Microsoft has to rely on third party support, which isn't a bad thing (I.E. Gears of War).

My personal opinion, i think Natal is going to show some compelling content. On the other hand when it comes to games, Sony will always outpace Microsoft due to it's large first party. Sony also has a vast amount of third party support.

Microsoft= 3rd party
Sony= 1st and 3rd party

kharma453089d ago

Yeah Natal by some has been dismissed too easily, I think that Microsoft will hit E3 with it hard and will show some very exciting stuff for it.

I can't wait to see a live stage demo of it.

MajestieBeast3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

I dont think Bungie will show up at Sony press conference they have to much respect for their fanbase. What i do see happening is both mass effect and splintercell going multiplatform seeing as both could have sold a lot more. Sony will show off a third party game thats huge and exclusive for the ps3. Further more LBP2 and Killzone 3 will make people blow their load, Infamous 2 will get a massive gfx upgrade,Gabe logan steps into this gen together with Jak&Daxter.

tdogchristy903089d ago

I'm excited to see more on medal of honor, la noir, agent, and the last guardian.

the thing I don't know for sure and really what to hear about is the 360slim rumors.

Death24943089d ago

To me the 360 slim doesn't make any sense. The reason people were experiencing RROD was mainly due to overheating. Why would you try to make something like that smaller? Overheating would only become more of a problem in their case.

That aside, I think we're going to hear a price drop and Natal bundles.

thehitman3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

If they were to make a slim its because they have more efficient parts that require less heat and are smaller. When Sony slims down they dont use the same tech they use more efficient parts so MS should be doing the same.

Also I see ur comment below MS never slimmed original xbox because it didnt last that long on the market and never achieved mass appeal.

36T3089d ago

Death. Do you really think MS would jam the same components of the current 360 into a smaller box? lol! I would love a slim 360! Not sure where the HDD would go though. On the top?

Matthew943089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

I dont agree with these predictions. seems a bit sony biased. look at the size for each company...

Kingdom Come3089d ago

Terrible Article, "Gears of War 3 should be teased too", how is this a prediction when it has already been confirmed for the show?
I'm getting sick of these articles, I know what I want from E3 and its confirmed, bring on Gears of War 3 gameplay!

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The story is too old to be commented.