Think you're hardcore? Then there's a good chance you're not

gamesradar writes:

Why the CoD crowd is more casual than the Wii moms?
So, ‘hardcore’ then. It’s been the battle cry of “proper” gamers ever since the Wii arrived. Hardcore gamers are the ones with the serious appreciation of the medium. The ones who aren’t swayed by flavour-of-the-month industry fads. The ones who seek out real, stimulating game design talent while the mainstream casuals are falling at the feet of whatever bland, babiez-packed toss they’re currently being told to like.
Except they’re not. A hell of a lot of those who label themselves hardcore gamers don’t do any of that at all. In fact they do exactly the opposite, on all counts. In fact a lot of ‘hardcore’ gamers have a less committed appreciation of the medium than the average Wii-owning soccer mom. And here’s why.

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tunaks13066d ago

"You don’t have to like every approach to gaming. You don’t even have to play them all. You just have to appreciate what they’re doing and why they’re doing them. That’s when you become really passionate about the medium, and that, as far as I’m concerned, is when you become a hardcore fan of video games. And it’s also why the non-savvy housewife who’ll happily try out any Wii game put in front of her is way more hardcore than Little Jimmy Killzone will ever be."
well said