Twilight Princess Best Game This Generation?

3xG says: "This generation has brought some of the best games to date, some surprises and some ‘Wow’ moments we will never forget. But according to statistics what has made the perfect game this generation based on reviews and sales?"

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FOXDIE3059d ago

I tried to get into it last week, I really tried but the game was really flawed in the controls department (playing on Wii).

tunaks13059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

"I really tried but the game was really flawed in the controls department (playing on Wii)"
how so?

concerning the article, TP is a great game, it gets too much hate

eggbert3059d ago


Or use gamecube controller, or does it not let you on the Wii version?

mikeslemonade3059d ago

Uncharted 2 is the best game ever made.

ReservoirDog3163059d ago

Twilight Princess was really good. I liked it a lot. But I'll never play it again. Right off the bat there's a dungeon with spiders than the dungeon near the end with only spiders. Bleh, not for me. Hope the new one doesn't do that.

And mikeslemonade, I'd vote on MGS3 being the best ever made. But Uncharted 2 is certainly up there as well (see bio).

Anon19743059d ago

It was terrible. "To wave your sword, waggle!" How about I just press a button? Here's a hint, if you're simply replacing button presses with a waggle, don't do it. It's irritating.

I have loved every single Zelda game since the beginning (yes, even the wind waker). TP was the first Zelda game that, not only did I not like, that I couldn't even bother to finish.

And it was all the fault of the Wii-Mote. I tried. I really tried to like this game. I wish I had played it on the Gamecube before I gave it to my nieces. The Wii-Mote controls just seemed tacked on and it completely ruined this game for me.

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Zydake3059d ago

It's a great game but not the Best Game this Gen mine goes to Uncharted 2

kingdavid3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

Do you wanna offer an opinion then to whats the best instead of just saying no?

Scott6673059d ago

Lets look at Wii Play. A game that is absolutely horrible, lets apply their logic of game quality.
Metascore = 58
First week American sales = .18 million
Wii install base of first week = 1.1 million

Quality = metascore*sales/installbased
Quality = 58*.18/1.1
Quality = 9.5

That's right! Wii Play is better than Mass Effect 2, the Orange box, Uncharted 2 and practically every other game this generation.

Their method is horrible, did they even care to think logically before writting this? It seems like they believe that you can put numbers into a calculator and the output will be a subjective opinion.

Apolloeye3059d ago

I think you missed the first step where they get a list of the high scoring games.

SovereignSnaKe3059d ago

Definitely much more enjoyable on the Cube!! it truly was that systems Swan Song!

RememberThe3573059d ago

I loved Twilight Princess. I played it on the GameCude and it was great, but MGS4 is still the best game this gen to me. But I can see why someone would put this at the top of their list, it's one hell of a good game (plus, it has my favorite end boss battle ever).

spooky2053059d ago

As i feel the same way. You cant replace a button with waggle and expect it to work and be a viable option. Same thing happened with mario galaxy. The whole time i was thinking to myself this game could have best been played with a controller instead of waggling planet to planet.

tinybigman3059d ago

i'd have to say NO. for me it's VC

TROLL EATER3059d ago

one of best for last generation LOOL. new zelda this e3 hopefully

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chiwoo3059d ago

i think its the best zelda game since ocrina of time i really enjoyed it took me almost year to finish it.

huzzaahh3059d ago

How the hell did it take you that long to finish it? It took me a solid week during the summer (the summer after it came out), and I still went outside every single day with my friends for a few hours.

Zackstorm3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

I'm a huge Zelda fan. I even have the Hylian emblem tattooed on my forearm [/nerd]. As great as Twilight Princess was, when I think back to it I always feel disappointed. This could be because of the hype or maybe it truly wasn't as memorable as past Zeldas.

But every now and then I catch a glimpse of someone else playing it and I get sent back to when I first experienced it. My mind really was blown. Fantastic puzzles, great boss battles, cool weapons: it has everything a Zelda game needs to be great.

I think the reason my memory gets tarnished is because I hate remembering being a wolf. That was awful for me. Save for maybe two quests, all of the time spent as a wolf was just so frustrating and not very fun. I wish I could automatically get excited about the level design and stuff, but my memory is just stuck on that god awful wolf part.

Okami did the wolf thing way better, in my opinion. If you ask me Twilight Princess is a fantastic game and in many ways it can battle it out with many a great Zelda. However, I wouldn't say it's the best game this generation. One of the best experiences, but not THE best. Perhaps even by far.

Shnazzyone3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

it is shocking that title is the winner by such a huge margin.

surprising what calculators say.

dizzleK3059d ago

i found it painfully boring.

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