Joe Danger European date to follow

Hello Games has just revealed that PSN daredevil title Joe Danger will be released in Europe soon. This follows news that the US version will be released on the 8th June.

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xHarvey3060d ago

This game looks fun might actually buy it.

nikkisixx23060d ago

Joe Danger > Modnation Racers

Demons Souls3060d ago

ModNation Racers = mix between LBP & Mario Kart
Joe Danger = mix between Trials & Excitebike

Jeff2573060d ago

Yeah ModNation Racers is a very good game. Definitely more than enough room on my PS3 for MNR and Joe Danger. I remember the first time I saw Joe Danger I thought of the original Excitebike. Anyway I may get this on day one. Nice to see Sony making Play, Create, Share more prominent.

playstation_clan3060d ago

thats trolling at its worst say bye to a bubble

despair3060d ago

want this game badly..this plus MNR means customizing heaven.

DigitalEnemy3060d ago

Cant wait for Joe Danger, please make it to UK PSN store on or around 8th June. Been waiting for this ever since first shown! This reminds me soo much of the fun I used to have in 1985 with Excite Bike on the NES.

@ nikkisixx2 - dont compare to MNR, two completly different games. BUT one thing in common - both awesome and both ONLY on PS3.... :)

The game is just the start.....