LG unveils 84-inch 3DTV with 4K2K resolution

LG has presented a new impressive 84 inches large 3DTV, offering a huge 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution.

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FragMnTagM3114d ago

The article says, "LG claims the 4k2k resolution helps on the larger TV."

DURRRR, of course a higher resolution will help on a larger TV. Honestly 1080p isn't that great on a huge TV, unless you are pretty decent footage away from it.

Also, judging by how close the people are to the exhibit, they would think the TV sucked if it was only 1080p. Being that close, you can easily see pixels in 1080p.

likedamaster3113d ago

They're using IMAX resolutions. And actual quote is...

"3D effects and details are improved on this kind of large screen by the use of 4K2K resolution."

Minimee3114d ago

That's for sure, 1080p is not enough for an 84" HDTV

Pandamobile3114d ago

1080p isn't enough for anything over 26" IMO.