PCN Review: Alpha Protocol

PCN writes: "As a western RPG fan, I was really looking forward to Alpha Protocol because it was marketed as a Mass Effect-type game, and while it is similar, it is not exactly the same. The self-proclaimed espionage RPG is in simple terms a cross between Splinter Cell and Mass Effect, but is it any good?"

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gaffyh3064d ago

This is already out in EU so I got it, and it's kinda boring imo. I thought it would be like Mass Effect but it is no way as good, though it is similar, so those without a 360 or decent PC should check it out.

Faztkiller3064d ago

I think I'm just going to rent it and wait for New Fallout

gaffyh3064d ago

Yeah I WAS looking forward to Fallout New Vegas because Fallout 3 was awesome, but imo they did a bad job with this so I'm gonna wait for the reviews of the game first. Although I know that Obsidian are the original Fallout Devs.