Sony refuses to comment on Leipzig rumours

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has refused to confirm or deny rumours concerning announcements the company plans to make at next month's Leipzig Games Convention.

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Kratosnake5417d ago

It's hard for me to see them announce Video-on-demand at leipzig.. It's more of a TGS thing. And didn't Jack just say that they're still not done with the final functions/look of the service?

lil bush5417d ago

were just gonna have to wait, does anyone know if g4 will be showing this live, or any websites with any vid online or something like that

ErcsYou5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

sony NEVER comments on rumor's.

anyways....why would sony let its big plans out of the bag earlier.....( beware copycats )
sony is facing the fiercest competition ever and is now using all its resources and knowledge to prove themselves AGAIN. i expect more price drops and amazing features in the future.
we can all thank microsoft for pushing sony to bring out the big dogs...TGS could be better then E3

nobizlikesnowbiz5417d ago

Yea businesses need to look out for copycats.

Motion sensing anyone?

Sony does just as much of it as the rest of them.

JoeD5417d ago

hahahaha nobiz you're funny

BIadestarX5417d ago

They wouldnt and they wont... it's not on any company's best interest to contribute on rumors and hype... it something would to go wrong or announcements dont meet people's expectations (which usually are beyong reality) people would be disapointed and they would blame Sony... Sucks as a gamer cause we all want to know... but they are doing the right thing...

CAPS LOCK5417d ago

totally agree...But they do need a Price cut especially in the UK £425($850) is still too much and i know a lot of people would want a ps3...they should have like a heart warming ad about how your ps2 is being replaced by the ps3 and show graphic improvement and promote the long game cycle...but ofcourse it won't happen...sigh...

MyNutsYourChin5417d ago

No company is going to comment on rumors unless it's in their best interest to do so (i.e. create hype and attention).

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