Critical Gamer: Kyle Hebert: MCM Expo 2010 interview

Critical Gamer writes: A large man, who would be intimidating were it not for the disarmingly infectious smile, enters the room. He is wearing an extremely cool (and, we later discover, sadly out of print) Decepticon shirt. He is followed by two young ladies who Michael (once safely out of earshot) decides must surely be his groupies. The man is Kyle Hebert.

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Jockie3114d ago

Seems like a guy who is very aware of how lucky he is to have such a fun job.

scruffy_bear3114d ago

Would love to have a job like this

Cubes3114d ago

Good article, love the Decepticon shirt too!

Flik1823114d ago

Interesting read and I agree that the shirt is great.

Pidgeridoo3114d ago

it sounds like a awesome job

scruffy_bear3114d ago

Yeah its a great interview :)

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