New Sonic Colors details

Brand new details about Sonic's latest outing.

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Valay3064d ago

This sounds really promising, but SEGA always manages to screw up Sonic somehow. At least the DS version might be worth checking out since the Sonic Rush titles were great.

Paradise3064d ago

this doesn't seem promising at all

fatstarr3063d ago

once 3d was mentioned i lost hope. also a slap in the face simple/light story.

smh sega i lost hope for your next game at stage 2.

poopface13063d ago

It could be good tho...

PhilipLarkin3064d ago

The more and more I see this, the less I like it...

Valay3064d ago

To be fair, we haven't seen much of this game yet. Still waiting on in-game screenshots.

mrv3213064d ago

Is it wrong that reading his post I though of a/(1-r)?

Also conversly how many of you got that?

Montrealien3064d ago

it is not wrong at all mrv312, you are just reflecting your true inner feelings once again.

mrv3213063d ago

Regarding sum to infinity? My inner feeling reflect the sum to infinity?

I though about that because a being his starting excitement, r being his level of excitement post seeing his first image T2, divided by T1. Now since his excitement goes down, that must mean -1<r<1 and so we can calculate his final level of excitement.

So that's my inner feeling is it?

Montrealien3063d ago

lol, see, I already sense progress.

mau643064d ago

I have no hope for Sonic anymore.

GUCommander3064d ago

Neither do I, except for Sonic 4. 2D is the only way sonic can work and be fun...This will be like the 10th Sonic game that sucks.

ZombieNinjaPanda3064d ago

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle wasn't too bad of a game. Though there were many parts that were horrible.

Myst3064d ago

Well have to see honestly from the trailer it kind of reminded me of Sonic 2 but in 3D. If they pretty much re-produce that game [or at least take a similar aspect], but in 3D it might be alright I guess..? Then again I'll remain on the fence until I see at least a snippet of a level and some screenshots.

SpoonyRedMage3064d ago

I want to see a gameplay trailer before I make a proper judgemet. If they keep it simple it could be good. That's the problem, they've overcomplicated Sonic.

Redempteur3064d ago

True ..sonic had too many moves that were useless since it wasn't focused on platforming .

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The story is too old to be commented.