Movies As Games And Why They Tend To Go So Very Wrong

Adam Rosenberg writes, "All this week, "X-Men" writer and Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter has been serving as guest editor here on MTV Movies Blog. In daily updates throughout the week, his uniquely extensive background in both the video game and film industries has offered clear insight into the often-troubled interplay between the two mediums. With "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" in theaters today, a very high-profile game adaptation, I thought it might be best to close out the week with a look at the reverse situation: when movies become video games."

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midgard2273065d ago

i saw the movie 2 days ago and it was awesome, i think its the best game-movie ever. acrobatics were gr8 as was the fighting and story, tho the story will feel familiar if you played the first game which is obvious :)