'Horde Mode' hinted for 'Crackdown 2'

Ruffian Games has hinted that it may be issuing a Horde-style co-operative mode for Crackdown 2.

Producer James Cope said that the idea is a "compelling" one and something they "want to develop into a game mode".

When asked whether such a mode has been considered, Cope said: "Yes, it is. I can't really say any more than that though. It's something we're looking at, and yeah, it would suit a Horde mode."

When later asked whether we can expect it as downloadable content, he said: "Maybe. I mean, we're looking at it, we have looked at it, and it's a really compelling idea. You're exactly right, it would suit it very well."

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dizzleK3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

horde mode has been a staple of all arcade-style games since the very beginning so i think the inclusion of a mode that was perfected 25 years ago in robotron being treated as a "new" idea by developers and modern gamers is hysterical.

holy run-on sentence.

Greywulf3089d ago Show