IGN: Ten Things We Want In Killzone 3

IGN writes: Killzone 2 was met with critical acclaim, and lived up to most of the expectations thrust upon it by the gaming community. Not content with resting on their laurels, the team at Guerrilla Games has announced the next title in the series, Killzone 3, and judging from our recent hands-on playtest, we can tell you the game is shaping up very nicely indeed. Before Sony bombards the industry with tons of Killzone 3 info at next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo, we thought we'd jump in first and present the top ten things we think should make it into the next in the series.

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dangert123154d ago

i can only think of one and tat would be better grenade throwing

knightdarkbox3154d ago

I need colour in this game.

I hate games all 1 "grey" colour in this game. Killzone 2 needed more colour. Still that didn't mean it was crap, because it's still one of the best PS3 exclusives graphics, i just hate the mundane environment of this game.

Conloles3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

A fun game, I don't care if they tone down the graphics in order to make it more fun I just thought KZ2 was pretty meh I didn't actually feel like I was having fun during it. Seems less stale now though so hopefully its much better, jetpacks = fun.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3154d ago

I have the same problem with Killzone. Every map except Radec academy is just too dark and too grey. It makes me feel depressed and is the main reason I moved back to CoD4

captain-obvious3154d ago

i dont see you bitch about gears of war

Independent_Charles3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

gears of war is not grey. well atleast gearsv of war 2 isnt

edit*thankyou for the disagrees :) lol

Independent_Charles3154d ago

but yeah i still have not got a ps3, so peronally i feel that my point is not as valid as the people that are fans of KZ but still , i have played it, and imho i think that more color, less blur(arguable), better map design(when i played i got annoyed over the amount of spawn killing going on and i admit im not the best at it but still...) and co-op. fix that and you have a +1 ps3 sale. hope i wasn't to biased :)

gijsbrecht3154d ago

@ Independent
Frankly, KZ2 has lots of colour. Just play the segment of the AA gun on the New Sun. I think I have seldom seen a more beautiful and brighter vista than that part of the game. And that is just one example. It's just that the game is full of violence and warfare which makes it 'feel' so much darker than it actually is.

ZombieNinjaPanda3154d ago


Actually the map design in Killzone 2 is amazing imo. It has just the right amount of open spaces and choke points, and the objectives lead you to those places.

UltraNova3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

In all honesty why dont people understand that this grey monotonous and depressive warfare atmosphere is what GG wanted to show us!

I loved it the way it was. I certainly didn't have Modern warfare's and Halo's color pallet in mind when i was playing it. And I m glad i didn't just play a freaking FPS clone AGAIN!

The controls were equally unique and realistic but again why should they cater to Call of duty fans? Is this a call of duty title?

If they dont like it then why buy it and then bitch about it? Go play COD and STFU!

GG if you're reading this let all the haters go F()k themselves and do what you clearly know how to do, make KZ3 a unique game again. Do it for the real gamers.

mrcash3154d ago

Why would he mention gears of war on a killzone article?
Killzone's color suits it just fine, its the way it was meant to be played, i prefer it over uc2's colorful cartoony feel

Biggest3154d ago

So you're fighting for your life on a war torn planet. Where the hell are the trees and sunshine? Where is my mojito on the beach? WHERE IS MY HAPPINESS?!?!?!

Comet3154d ago

That is why I wanted Killzone 3 to take place on Earth.
So they can display rich color like in Uncharted 2.

Unfortunately, we're the minority in wanting to see this happen...
But hey, just opinion, and I guess a lot of people out there like the gray depressing looks.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Captain Obvious

What's gears of war got to do with this? Who cares about the colour scheme on GeOW? All we're saying is it'd be nice to have more colour in a game. Tharsis Depot was by the far the most drab and depressing map I have ever played in a videogame.

rezzah3153d ago

I bet your gona be one of those guys who are gona complain about the colours being too white now since theres gona be snow.

RedDevils3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

you forgot Naked chick :P

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MrJack3154d ago

Guerilla will 9/10 of these things and everyone would still nitpick it to death like last time.

e.g "the 3D version has more jaggies, and we heard sev swear once or twice, so we give it a 7/10"

Hell if the entire game is perfect EDGE will still deduct points becuase it isn't on the 360.

Independent_Charles3154d ago

i lold at that comment. but yeah better mp map design(i got spawn killed alot, i admit though im not the best)co-op or atleast a differant co-op campaign(resistance style) more color and less blur(but thats down to personal opinions, but then again isnt everything?)
do that and youll have an extra ps3 sale;

gta28003153d ago

On top of that, they will criticize the game for "ripping off" other games. The list consists of things that have already been done in other games or features that other games have. Although some would be nice improvements if implemented, GG will be criticized by the fan boys for "copying", although they're whining for these things to be added/changed to.

Davoh3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

I actually agree with most of those points but I have to say that about the need to refine controls, every shooter is different and as gamers we learn to change our playing style accordingly, every game can't have the same controls. And the environment diversity, true I have never seen so many shades of grey in my life but it's a war torn, gritty planet, not the most colourful of settings.

mastiffchild3154d ago

Bang on with the assertion that the controls hep define a shooter. All GG managed when they foolishly patched the, previously fitting, controls was to alienate a lot of those gamers who would otherwise have stuck with the game having learned to love and appreciate the heavier controls throughout the beta and the release of the game. And why? To appease those people moaning that it wasn't COD! the same people who were never going to stay once MW2 released anyway.

I like Halo and COD just fine but don't see why other shooters must control like they do to be any good! What's wrong with a l;earning curve? Why should we think we have a divine right to like EVERY game either? The devs had a vision for their game and the controls were integral to that. they fit the game and if they didn't suit you then why not just accept that KZ2 wasn't the game for you? that's what annoyed me about it:the game had to be ruined for those who loved it to accommodate those who didn't! It was like the tail wagging the dog and had GG looked at it right they'd have seen that those complaining were those same people waiting for MW2!

The whole game was oppressive in atmosphere and the controls added to that no end-and did so with aplomb. I hope to see them back and NOT a slide further into the generic "me too" comntrol BS of THAT patch. I don't even like the prospect of being able to choose classic KZ or COD style controls as I like a level playing field with everyone using the same set of tools but above all I want my shooters to have a little variety and a little ID-why would we all want them to feel the damn same just to avoid learning anything new? Are we THAT lazy and scared of change these days? I'm an old gimmer(I admit it) but even I'm up for trying something new-so why was there all the moaning about the controls?

The number of colours they managed to wash into Helghan was actually pretty impressive. People seem to forget that the desert was all oranges and reds and purples(reflected from some amazing skyscapes)among other areas where the greys and browns were unavoidable to set the scene-but again , it was all fitting for the game's backdrop and atmosphere. I wasn't aware we were fighting in Club Tropicana you know!

xenovis3153d ago

I think some experienced it more than others, but KZ2 "Weighty" feel was more due to the lack movement due to restrictive culling and texture redraw. Halo implemented a weighty feel to the controls without a mass of people complaining. The fact is, is that KZ2 had as much as 300ms+ of lag in the controls that doesn't make them "weighty" it makes them lagged.

Demand good controls for FPS's the reason there was such a rift in the community about the KZ2 controls is because it was (People that play FPS's regularly) vs. (People who don't), and anyone can be trained to eat dog food if they've never had steak before.

n4gno3153d ago

Controls are just perfect, only call of noobs have problems, just set your sensitivity right, and it's the better console fps for competitive purpose : just a fact (you will never beat a better player than you, like you can in modern warfare and others)

hennessey863153d ago

nobody wants killzone to play like cod or halo but the controls were not responsive enough. I lost interest in the game after about an hour because i cudnt get used to them n ive been playin fps since the perfect dark n golden eye games i love cod and halo and u can turn the auto aim off before any one mentions that which i do. I dont think the ps3 pad is the problem because bioshock,mag,fear 2 all played ok killzone 3 will have to improve on the control and multiplayer front to get hardcore fps players to spend there mony. And to all those who moan about cod just play hardcore mode its much harder. And am i the only one who thinks killzone 2 wernt that good looking it doesnt compare to uc2

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

I prefer Killzones control after the patch, but they were never an issue for me. The only problem I ever had with Killzone was the colour scheme.

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deafwing3154d ago

I admit it took a while to get use but it wasn't too bad. Easy nade tosses are also quite cheap (especially on MP) so I also enjoyed the fact that not a lot of people got cheap nade kills on MP matches.

xTruthx3154d ago

"If any of these ideas happen to feature in the finished product, send all thank you mail to the IGN inbox, complete with donations. We accept cheque, Paypal or cold, hard cash"


Rashonality3154d ago


well that's the beauty of the idea
if they could put beaches and sunshine and stuff without losing the war/destruction feel IT WOULD KILL...

UnSelf3154d ago

only things that need to be fixed:

-Make Sev taller

-Curse when necessary aka better writing

-absolutely NO auto aim (i swear i would not buy if there is)

-I absolutely love the controls but whatever, make em a TAD lighter, not COD light

-Longer campaign

-Much more weapons and more classes

-Revamped MP system

thats it

solar3154d ago

innovation would be nice....and LOL at 33 disagrees for criticism. what a sad sad community N4G is.

Hanif-8763154d ago

Which game have you been playing? The grenade throwing in Killzone 2 is perfect!

ico923153d ago

the only thing i could ever ask from killzone 3 besides co-op is a better story the KZ series have always had this great concept of a future world war, the story was there but what KZ2 lacked was development of characters, KZ3 sounds really interesting tho its kinda like Black Hawk Down in space

likedamaster3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

The list isn't bad. I'll probably play the game anyway.

DatNJDom813153d ago

The first ones to comment on a Killzone 3 article are all Killzone/PS3 haters. Kinda used to it though. It's been happening since Killzone 2. Anyway why is ign asking for 10 things they want in Killzone 3? They still are going to rate it lower than haloozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reach and gears of warzzzzzzzzz. We already know the drill with them and the rest of the "gaming media". It's so predictable. ign wouldn't know quality if it hit them in the face.

otherZinc3153d ago

11. Campaign co-op, not cheap @ss side mission co-op, but campaign co-op!

12. No more re-spawning enemies.

13. No more scripted events.

With those 13 corrections (my 3 + IGN's 10) would make for a worthy competitor when it releases.

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Hellsvacancy3154d ago

Even if KillZone 3 has all of those 10 things IGN will still find summin wrong with it and mark it down

dangert123154d ago

ign review for this game is thee best i've seen full stop well killzone 2 sorry it was superb

toaster3154d ago

The implementation of 3D will be... interesting. It won't be the first game to use 3D but Sony is pushing the 3D revolution. 3D has been on PCs for a while but it hasn't quite been as popular and mainstream as a lot of people would like. But with uniform tech across all PS3 models 3D could be easier to circulate to the masses.

Guerilla Games has one hell of a franchise under their belt, I'm a PC guy and I absolutely loved Killzone 2. I'll be keeping an eye on KZ3 closely.

arakouftaian3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

beta tests for SONY, if someone can make 3d huge
is SONY with the PS3 you can enjoy the best 3d blu movies
and soon hardcore games like GT5, KILLZONE 3 and i think KILLZONE 2 and soon many other games.
plus all the movies and the world cup and soon the super ball ''american futbol'' and other sport in 3d will make people buy 3d tvs ' 'ESPN 3d''

deafwing3154d ago

I didn't even realize this ... but the PSN downloadable game "Invincible Tiger - Legend of Hand Tao" has 3D implemented in it already ... and that game was released last year O_o. Either the developers read the gaming market early or they have a crystal ball. I like it (3D in gaming) as an option (like most games that use it) and as a factor that could add to the game experience, nothing more.

Strange_Evil3154d ago

I am up for Better graphics, a longer story line, Co-op. But please I hate it when people remark about the 'weighty' controls. They give the game an authentic feel and not make it another COD clone.

thief3154d ago

Reviews seem to suggest controls similar to BF:BC, some feeling of weight but not going the CoD/Halo route completely

My main wish is co-op. That was the best part of games like Resistance 2, Uncharted 2 and Spliner Cell conviction.

SilverSlug3154d ago

a BF:BC clone?

In all seriousness, they are fine.

beavis4play3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

the controls on KZ2 is what gave it the realism and made it kick-ass!

if the nancys that complained the first time found it "too hard" (said with a whiny, girly voice).......then they can play a game like battlefield/COD which has training wheels on the the controls.

i LOVED the controls in KZ2!

what i would like to see is the story returning to the quality of the first one. #2s story wasn't as much of a continuation of #1 as i'd hoped.

raztad3154d ago

I dont understand very well, did people try to increase sensitivity in KZ2 controls? because it makes a hell of a difference. I mean KZ2 can be very responsive to the controls, almost twitchy, the only difference are the weighty animations.

I love KZ2 (beat it in hard, replaying it in Elite) and I expect great things from KZ3 my unique concern is Guerrilla making the wrong decisions about the controllers.

deafwing3154d ago

... most gamers rarely visit the option menu. It's like FF (insert #) .... I remember showing a friend the difference between Active and Wait ATB in FF XII and he changed his opinion about the battle system after seeing how it's really used. These things are never really pronounced that you can change things in these games sometimes.

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Maldread3154d ago

Strange Evil i agree with you. I like they heavy feel too, but as thief says they`re adjusting them. I good thing in my opinion as they wasn`t perfect in K2 and that was the main problem people had with it.

I don`t know why people insist on it being COD controls though. Sure a lot of COD players complained, but they was not they only ones. Before K2 i can`t recall another game which had weight to it`s weapons (correct me if i`m wrong though). So, a "weightless" FPS has pretty much been there from the start. Not just COD. What COD do have though, is auto aim and lots of it.

Maldread3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

GG has already confirmed nearly all of IGN`s ten points, so i`m a bit unsure why IGN didn`t go into the multiplayer section (except for co-op), of killzone instead.

The only thing on IGN`s list GG hasn`t talked about is co-op and customisable weapons. Co-op hasn`t been confirmed yet, even though i seem to recall it being said in one story that it would have 2 and 4 player co-op.

I really hope they have co-op in some form though. Would be great fun. Hopefully E3 will tell us more. Would kill for a trailer and more info now ;)