Sony: 3D Games more compelling than 3D movies

MCV Writes:

Sony’s sales director admits market for 3D games is small but the potential is huge

With the likes of the 3D-ready Killzone 3 (and the predicted 3D revamp of Gran Turismo 5) expected to feature big at next month’s E3, Sony has admitted that the market for 3D games is tiny – for the time being.

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rroded3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

3d done right n move
is why we're saving for that 3d tv now

sony is def gonna push it hard

Conloles3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Whilst I think 3D is good and all I would much prefer devs to focus on pushing games to the limit instead of having to downscale in order to give a 3D look. Considering the market of 3D is probably below 1% marketshare it seems kinda drastic and unneccessary.

nix3115d ago

wait for the press to tell us what they think we need.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3115d ago

That's maybe why they call it future proof, adapting to new technology that will/can eventually become accessible to the mainstream.

Remember, future also relates to something that has regards to grow.

Ju3115d ago

What makes you think going 3D will degrade the quality for standard games ? In fact, make it work in 3D will make the devs work harder. No matter if the 3D is scaled down, it just needs to render more. That said, the whole render pipeline needs to be optimized. Optimizations which can in turn flow back into the standard version. Win-win for everybody. If you don't want to play in 3D, don't do it. Simple. Going 3D will not have an impact on regular gameplay. Not sure why people think that.

mrv3213115d ago

20 years ago HD had 0% marketshare I just wish developers wouldn't focus on making their game 720p+ or even VGA give me 480x320 please.

That's effectively what your saying, by allowing developers to use the tech optionally this generation you'll see major improvements next generation.

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E46M33115d ago

Ill have my 3D in 1080p with AA and hi res textures. Anything below that would be a compromise.

Conloles3115d ago

All thanks to the power of PC!

mrv3213115d ago

All thanks to the power of $100's of tech.

Look I think the PC is a great market which shows promise and the next generation BUT... it can be expencive, and while I'm not talking about AlienWarez or anything like that it can be expencive of course it has it benefits but I had to choose if I wanted a high end PC and I went against it as I dislike Digital content.

Biggest3114d ago

I sure can't wait to play games like Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo in 4893898840p with my PC. Wait. . .

evrfighter3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

lol gran turismo.

eyefinity > 3d

I've played the original Gran Turismo and owned GT4. After playing Dirt2 in Eyefinity then trying to play split second and blur both of which have issues with Eyefinity due to them being direct console ports.

It's safe to say I will no longer be wow'd by anything that isn't supported by those extreme resolutions. In fact all games I've tried playing in 1080p on one monitor just feels way too narrow.

ew I don't even wanna imagine 720p gaming right now.

and killzone 3....LOL you'd think they would have given up after the 2nd major disappointment. So I take it the fanboys are gonna try and hype this one up to blow up in their face as well?

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MNicholas3115d ago

3D using glasses on a TV is simply too inconvenient for most people for TV watching.

Gaming, on the other hand, is an ideal medium for it but, again, mainly for certain types of games. Typical JRPGs, for example, wont provide the kind of visual incentive to drive early adopters.

Wrathman3115d ago Show
Ju3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

I would need to experience that myself in a racing games, but what was said in that article makes perfect sense.

Depth perception in racing games is hard without, err, yes, depth sensing. What you do is memorize breaking points on the track based on the speed you drive. But this is all artificial. It will never be as natural as really driving a car. I could see the argumentation, when you can actually see how far away that corner is, your perception changes. I would expect that to change the way a driving simulator will be experienced.

That said, I want to upgrade to a 3D set sometimes, but not before 2011. But, everything which happens now, will have an impact what will be available then. That will, I hope, mean second generation displays and better prices.

mugoldeneagle033115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

At least not in the gaming scene. I thought Avatar's 3D was impressive, and I was blown away by the tech, but in the recent Weekend Confirmed podcast Garnett Lee was talking about lots of small things going wrong w/ the Killzone 3, 3D presentation. If you look away the glasses need to resync when you look back, you need to be in a direct line of sight to see the 3D effect, so others wouldn't be able to see it standing, little annoying things. (They liked Killzone 3 a lot btw)

Not that I'm against 3D, I just don't think I'm going to jump directly on the wagon right away. Like all new tech, I'll wait until it improves in it's 2G/3G wave.

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SupeerSteebbi3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

I'm buying a 3D TV sometime in June. I'll support Sony on this one too.

t8503115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Dont forget to buy Move, Sony needs support lol.

MexicanAppleThief3115d ago

Superstardust HD is gonna be soo epic in 3D. I hope they make starthawk in 3d too, the thought of TOW's and swarms coming at you is going to be soo epic.

dredgewalker3115d ago

Can't afford one right now but definitely getting one in the future, when it becomes mainstream tech.

Heisenberg3115d ago

Once 3D finds its groove in gaming, I think it'll change everything. It has the potential, in the right hands of the right developer to up the badåss level through the roof.

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