Tomshardware : Nvidia GeForce GTX 465 Review

tomshardware: Today, Nvidia is both launching and making available a third card based on the 3+ billion-transistor GF100 GPU. Equipped with 352 CUDA cores, that’s a little more than two-thirds of the chip’s compute resources turned on. Using those numbers alone, we can actually get pretty close to determining how the GeForce GTX 465 performs, too.

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Conloles3065d ago

When will dual gpu come out already?

ATi_Elite3065d ago

At this rate a Dual Gpu Fermi will cost $1200 require a 1500 watt PSU have load temperatures of 120c sound like a leaf blower and just barely out perform A HD 5970.

Fermi is total FAIL!

ProjectVulcan3065d ago

Seen the price in the uk. Unfortunately looks like another disaster here. Matches up to the 5830, which you can pick up for about 170 pounds. the cheapest i have yet seen a GTX465 is 240 pounds. It has basically priced itself against the 5850, whereupon it loses more often than not when it counts.

I expected Nvidia to clock these parts more aggressively than their bigger brethren as they have a significant amount of transistors disabled. However it hasnt happened, and so the performance gap reflects that.

CrazyDave3065d ago

The pricing really lets these cards down.

I picked up an ATI 5850 for £220 a few weeks back, that's £20 cheaper than this card, and the 5850's performance is on par with the GTX 470.

Unless you really hated ATI cards, I can't see why anyone would buy one of these. It needs to be priced under £200 at least for it to stand any chance against ATI's offerings.

Independent_Charles3065d ago

but is there any website or info i can have that would help me build or buy a capable gaming computer for about £200?

chak_3065d ago

there is no £200 gaming computer, buy a console

Independent_Charles3064d ago

i have a 360 console its just that i was trying my luck lol oh well ill buy it one bit at a time lol

ATi_Elite3065d ago

I wish Nvidia would get their act together so ATi would start dropping the prices so I can upgrade but with overpriced crap like the GTx 400 series ATi will never have to drop their prices.

HD 5850 crossfire is still the best DX11 solution

Faelan3065d ago

I have been using nVidia cards since the original GeForce. Never had an ATI card. Ever. You could say that makes me a fanboy. But this... the GTX465... from what I can gather from the article, is just complete overpriced trash compared to what ATI is offering.

I can't help but get the feeling that the GTX465 is just a desperate attempt by nVidia to recoup some money on defective GPUs that didn't quite meet the standards to become GTX470/480.

Am I wrong or what?