Physical Vs. Digital

When Final Fantasy VIII was released it cost £50 new. Finding a physical copy right now might cost you considerably more as it’s a vintage title, or you could purchase it on the PlayStation Network for around £8.

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champ213067d ago

Got about 100 games bought on steam.

Never have to worry about losing disks or them getting scratched. Also i can get new or old games without ever worrying about out of stock situations.

Internet speeds are really fast now. I have a 16mb/s connection, downloads 8gig games in about 45mins, easily beats going to a retail shop wasting time and gas to buy a physical copy.

Id say DD is the way to the future.

mrv3213067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

And if your hard drive breaks? That's 800GIG+ you have to re download. With many publishers going for a download 5 times policy don't you think it's a limited resource?

Now you also have the problem of inflated prices, a year old steam game cost more than a retail version of the same game... and that's with the competition of other stores, imagine if PSN/XBL was the only medium to get new games. They'd cost $60 and never go down in price.

And games are getting larger and larger... currently 15 GIG is the what I think the average new release on PC is. That'll go up and up... PS3 is at 25 GIG/50 GIG.

Conloles3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Steam is a great service but it has its flaws, lose your account lose all your games. Also the price ripping off of us Aussies is ridiculous.

Digital downloads on the PC is the future but no where near for consoles.

Matthew943066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

and if your game breaks your fucked

Milamber3066d ago

Least if your house catches fire you still have all your games.

Chris_TC3066d ago

Who keeps all their games installed at all times? I download a handful of games, play them and uninstall them when I've finished them. I can re-download whenever I want to.

The argument about inflated prices doesn't hold. Sure, some games are expensive, but certainly not all of them. And don't forget about the deals.
Just in the last few weeks I bought Dirt 2 for $10 (Orig. Release Dec 1, 2009) and Tropico 3 for $8 (Orig. Release Oct 20, 2009).

fullmetal2973066d ago

As a PC gamer, I know that my HDD will break one day and that's why I have 2 HDD in raid 1. Not all PC gamers have 2 Hard drives but at least we are given the option to do so. I could make up a similar senario with the console. What if the dvd drive breaks and your warranty expires? That means you'll have to spend $120 to replace the dvd drive and wait 1-2 weeks getting it back.

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champ213067d ago

Drives arent expensive these days.

My primary HD are:

80gig SSD in raid- 160gigs in total this holds the games i am currently playing

2tb storage drive- This hardly gets used and is used for backing up any unused games. I could add in another drive for back up but i find that kind of pointless.

Yes some games on steam can be costly, however majority of the time the deals are great.

For example i buy 4pack MP games with my friends... i bought games like:

bioshock 2

for 33usd a piece at launch u cant get those sort of deals at any retailer, also the limitless supply.

Also majority of games this gen are still within 8gb unless its some huge RPG like dragonage or witcher which can go upto 15gigs. Takes me 1.5hours -2hours to download those.

Agreed for consoles it would be bad if it went all DD, cause PSN/XBL would have no competition and prices would just not move. However on PC there are too many stores and they need to compete with each other which is why we get great deals on PC.

dangert123067d ago

i prefer psycially in the shap of blu ray
realistically for alot of 3rrd party ps3 games theres no need for dlc and the ps3 and disk scratching is not an issue unles your actually trying 2

sikbeta3066d ago

Physical > Digital

Physical Media FTW!!!

poindat3066d ago

DD may have some technical aspects, but I believe that the most overlooked aspect (and under appreciated) about physical media is the culture and atmosphere built around it.

Box art, manuals, and the disk itself hold an infinite tangible value that digital media may never have. The beauty of scanning my game boxes, admiring the art, the details, and the love gone into the creation of the physical form is something that will forever attach me to physical media. I consider myself a collector (as I'm sure many of you do), and digital games will just never hold that special place in my heart that validates them as members of my gaming collection. Yes, I do own a couple games that exist solely in a digital format, but I feel no connection to them, which is a great travesty.

The excitement of bringing a new game home from a store, the everlasting value of art and form, and the connection that both of those build is vital to maintaining the gaming culture and the love for gaming. Physical media is a part of the overall experience, and without that part, my games would feel incomplete.

I suppose that others are content with sole convenience, or maybe even do manage to feel a connection to their digital games (and that's great if you do), but I can't feel that bond and that alone is enough to place physical media as my preference. Digital media feels like a mere formality, like a game and nothing more, while physical media takes the experience beyond the game.

I'm very outspoken about this, and I apologize, but it really is the largest factor for me in the battle between physical media and DD, and is something that collectors should hopefully understand.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3066d ago

While I was reading your comment my eyes glanced over to my copies of MGS1 , FF1-10 lined up on my desk like books in a bookcase...Good times.

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stonecold13067d ago

blu ray disk i would rather own my collection same goes for games i think blu ray is here to stay 1080p anyday real high def not some fake live with 1080p not real high def and the picture with blu ray crystal clear image blu ray for the future end of statement

taktak3067d ago

Bluray doesnt translate to 1080p games...

Since games on bluray are only present on the PS3 and PS3 only runs 5% of its games in 1080p. Unless you ment movies on the bluray then yea.

HolyOrangeCows3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

The blu-ray STORES the data. It doesn't process it. Silly Willy.

On topic, I'll always prefer to have a hardcopy of a game if I can get it.
Although, I think I could be open to an all DD handheld. But it has to have FULL (all) game support, unlike the Go with PSN.

Hotel_Moscow3066d ago

he wasnt talking about games genuises

while he used the term games his main statement was about movies

cobraagent3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I have a really really slow internet connection(200Kbytes/s) so downloading games takes too much time. Also I don't have to worry about my HDD breaking down and i like the discs, i like the manual and i also like the ritual of putting the disc in the machine for the very first time

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3066d ago

Funny I just thought of when I picked up RDR last week. It felt like christmas in may, I couldn't tear the plastic faster enough and chilled, flipping through the manual knowing its going to be a awsome game.
Same excitement with demons souls , good thing I bought the pre-order it came with a strategy guide the same size as the case.

NYC_Gamer3067d ago

i just like hardcopy....

Al Bundy3067d ago

Compare the sales of GTA4 verses the DLC and that will give you you're answer.

Aphe3066d ago

You can buy the DLC on disc as well. Besides, your comment makes no sense, the DLC is bound to not make as much impact as the initial release of GTA4.

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