MMGN: Alpha Protocol Review

MMGN Writes: Alpha Protocol is bursting with great ideas, but none of them make it to the surface unscathed. The RPG and character development elements are perfect for the third person shooter audience. Your actions and skill development have an enormous influence on the game's outcome and adds some reply value. Unfortunately it’s all let down by bug infested gameplay. For a third person shooter the shooting is way below par, the A.I. is as bad as it gets and the cover system just doesn’t work. It had the potential to be great and still offers some fun, but Alpha Protocol is riddled with flaws that stop it being all it should have been.

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-MD-3063d ago

Well I wanted to play it but I think I'm gonna pass on this one.

melkyre3063d ago

I think this review needs really to be adjusted a bit.
First thing first ... this is way more an RPG than Mass Effect 2. The relationship with NPC is more interesting than just having only to make the 2 choices of previous Action RPG. Stealth system works great, you can perform a mission without firing a bullet if you're careful enough. The aim obviously is not perfect because otherwise it wouldn't be an RPG. I mean if you have skills and item for improving aim it's OBVIOUS your aim is not related with how you point your crosshair. Haven't played the story very far so I can't express an firm opinion, but for now I find it funny and interesting. I agree graphical component is not the best but that's not an as bad as the review says. I agree you can't get enemies weapon but what games makes you get every enemy's weapon ?
Framerate is not an issue on PS3, for now at least...
Some issue for sure but i don't see how this is a "6" while Mass Effect 2 is a "9". I sometimes wonder if reviewers gives votes based on game or game's hype.