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MightyMark4273832d ago

the game I want to see in 3D is God of War!

piroh3832d ago

i want to see in 3D Hot Shots Golf and Motorstorm

WhittO3831d ago

lol Hot Shots Golf is the best game you could come up with for 3D?!

Also, FW update around E3 confirmed haha.

waltercross3831d ago

I want to see in 3D Playboy Mansion/sarc

Rainstorm813832d ago

Uncharted 2 in 3D.....i agree with the God of War 3 as well

evilmonkey5013831d ago

I don't think we have the capability yet to do that tier of game in 3d yet. I think even 1080p wipeout had to drop resolution in order to run 2 separate frames @ 60 fps in 3d.

However, here is an article that says "All" ps3 titles will be able to be displayed in 3d. I highly doubt that.

PoSTedUP3832d ago

i want to see... a game in 3D, any game, just wanna know what its like. i bet some games are not going to be as good in 3D then their 2D counterparts.

Blackcanary3831d ago

What if you don't have a 3D tv then what i hope this 3D isn't gonna be an option that you can't turn of.

evilmonkey5013831d ago

I wouldn't worry about that.

Sitris3831d ago

Hmmm, what are they going to announce for the Firmware on E3, there is seemingly always one that night. Probably going to release in NA on the day of the E3 confrence then.

Meryl3831d ago

guys games have to built from the ground up for 3D gaming, you can't expect to see games like uncharted 2 getting 3d-tv patches, without them looking like a gimmick, just wait for killzone 3 and GT5 they will demonstrate how to do 3d gaming:):)

Anon19743831d ago

Movies shot in 2d have a difficult time being converted to 3d. With 3D games, the game is already rendered in 3D, all you have to do is add an extra camera to approximate the view from the other eye. I was reading a developer talking about it and he said the great thing was with the way Sony was handling this you don't even have to render the image again. The Cell is fantastic for the type of calculations needed to simply throw in another camera and make mathematical adjustments to the image, apparently.

Games do not need to be made from the ground up for 3D. They're already in 3D. They just need two camera instead of one to accommodate both eyes.

remanutd553831d ago

current games i want to see in 3D
God of War 3
Motorstorm Pacific Rift
Uncharted 2
Heavy Rain
ModNation Racers

upcoming games i want to see in 3D
Socom 4
Killzone 3
Little Big Planet 2
Motorstorm 3 ( we know its coming )
Starhawk (again, we know its coming )
Gran Turismo 5 ( we dont if its coming this or next generation lol )
Next Insomniac game ( Most likely to be Resistance 3 )

evilmonkey5013831d ago

You have a pretty good chance of seeing most of those "upcoming games i want to see in 3D " actually releasing in 3d...the current ones, minus modnation, are not likely as they would pretty much have to remake those entire games...

remanutd553831d ago

i have seen Motorstorm Pacific Rift , Wipeout HD and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in 3D , i just wish sony add God of War3 , Heavy Rain , Uncharted 2 and ModNation Racers in 3D