Top 5 Things to Change in Halo: Reach

Philadelphia Console Game Examiner: We can all agree that the recent Halo: Reach beta was nice, but definitely not perfect. Bungie, the game's developer, has already addressed some of the issues, such as the unbalanced melee game, but there are a few things I'm still waiting to hear about.

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SixZeroFour3115d ago

5. DMR - i agree in that it SEEMS as though the dmr isnt living up to its br brother, but i disagree...anyone with skill, patience and the right timing to pull off their shots going for the head will agree with me in that this weapon is exactly where it should be...ESPECIALLY considering this weapon is supposed to be a mid/long range weapons anyways

4. MOVEMENT SPEED - i basically agree that everyone should have sprint as well as an armor ability...lets hope they can still change that before launch (thats a big stretch tho)

3. ASSAULT RIFLE - also agree, emptying a clip only to usually end up having to melee after is a bit pointless, it should atleast kill a guy a couple bullets shy of being empty...however, i also understand its a default weapon and this forces players to look for other weapons...pistol is a better weapon to use anyways, between the 2 default weapons that is, most ppl started to realize that at the end of the beta days

2. COMMENDATIONS & DAILY CHALLENGES - he doesnt specify what he means by hoping to be able to unlock things that dont have anything to do with multiplayer, and frankly i cant think of what he can possibly mean (plus, armor is for both free for all and campaign armor) too bad you cant customize weapon look, just for your viewing pleasure, when you pick up that specific weapon...also, this was just a beta, so they didnt need to add the list of daily challenges, it will be there on full release, and even think i remember seeing it in one of the vidocs pre beta

1. JOINING GAME IN PROGRESS - i agree in that friends should be able to join in progress IF there is room on YOUR TEAM, but guess he didnt hear about the updated banhammer on quitters...the more you quit the severe the punishment

there you have it...pretty much could have been an "article" itself, considering this is basically what this "article" is about, lol

Kalowest3114d ago

Good Read, nice article.

The BS Police3114d ago

The BR was originally going to behave exactly as DMR currently does and in all honesty the DMR is perfect, it just needs a reduction on the Reticule Bloom so you can better focus your shots.

Also I am glad you cannot join games that are in progress, it would cause even bigger problems in the long run.

Breakfast3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

5. The headshot bug they had during the beta made the DMR seem inconsistent, and weaker then it really was. That, plus cover and corridors, kept braking the line of sight (halo 3 maps were alot more open).

4. Sprint as a constant would be great, but would defeat the purpose of Armour Abilities and Halo mp in general.

3. Halo 1 pistol :)

2. It'll be in the full game.

1. Joining game in progress would be awesome, but it wouldnt feel like halo. Maybe have a party playlist with this option, that would be great.