Steam on the Mac; Will it Create the Boost Apple Needs?

As most of you know, Steam, created by Valve with a goal to be the biggest online retailer of PC video games, has made the transition to the Macintosh. Along with the program, many Steam games have made the jump onto the Mac as well. Portal was one of the first, and was being offered for free. Other games such as Plants vs Zombies and Half-Life 2 have followed suite. While it has been proven that games on Steam don’t run quite as good on the Mac as they do on the PC, it’s only a matter of time before Valve managed to work out all the kinks and starts to rebuild the library of games that Windows users have onto the Mac. When that time comes, could this be a revolution for Apple and its computers?

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Pandamobile3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

"As most of you know, Steam, created by Valve with a goal to be the biggest online retailer of PC video games"

Just going to point out that Valve's intention with Steam was make it easier to patch games. No one could have predicted Steam's viral success.

jack_burt0n3115d ago

Is there a reason why apple dont just make hackintoshing legal as in releasing an apple OS pc disc now everything is going intel? other than huge hardware price fixing.

or have i lost the plot.....

-chaz-3114d ago

If they control the hardware, then they can pretty much rule out all the compatibility problems present in Windows because of the huge disparity in hardware out there.

Hopefully this'll provide Apple the kick in the ass it needs to get decent OpenGL drivers in OSX. You can boot a MacPro into Windows or Linux and the realtime 3D performance is night and day.

Letros3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Steam on Mac isn't going to help Mac gaming unless they start getting some respectable hardware, iMac's are nothing more than laptops crammed into a big monitor. People on the Steam forums are complaining because no good PC games have came to Mac such as GTA IV and Bad Company 2, yea right, good luck running those on gimped hardware with crap driver support. If Apple wants gaming they would invest in it, not rely on Valve.

fire233115d ago

Yeah well it has kind of been a chicken and the egg scenario for Apple for a while, but now that games are finally coming I will bet that they will start paying more attention. Look at the iPhone with a huge push like the Game Center. At least driver wise, hardware wise will always be the incremental upgrades.

tunaks13114d ago

anyone with a mac that is into gaming prob already has bootcamp installed

SlaughterMeister3114d ago

All Steam ever did for my PC was slow it down, and I only play classic games on my MacBook. I prefer my PS3 to PC gaming.