Crysis 2 bringing 3D Gaming

Heyy guys. After an anxious wait, its looks we have our confirmation. It seems Crytek has accepted the fact that 3D Gaming is the future and will be implementing it into Crysis 2. Most probably through patches, 3D Gaming and Crysis 2 will take gaming to the next level and will be providing a realistic experience.

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ClownBelt3065d ago

3d or not, I will be buying this title no question ask.

captain-obvious3065d ago

Crytek said that they get all of the PS3 power on the work
now since Killzone3 is coming out in 720P and 3D
lets see if they can do that with crysis2

DigitalAnalog3064d ago

The get all the PS3 power to work ON their "engine".

You know....

The "Multi-plat" one. (Even if it's built from the ground up).

-End statement

Conloles3064d ago

Lets see if consoles can come out in 1080P and in 3D with a good framerate and with anti-aliasing. Oh wait they can't...

Why did they feel the need to port this game to consoles I can already tell the PC version will be affected by the infectious consolus portus disease.

CoxMulder3064d ago

yeah, somehow I find it hard to believe that Crytek developed an engine that does what many respected developers couldn't; optimize PC/360 code for PS3..

My guess is that the engine/toolbox takes the physics and dumps them on the SPU's, maybe something else too, but not utilizing them to support the RSX. Like Resistance: FOM did back in 2006.

sid4gamerfreak3064d ago

holy sh**!!!! Imagine Crysis 2 in 3D on the PC!!!Thats would be overkill!!!!

SupeerSteebbi3064d ago

The future is looking good.

yess3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

It sure is spreading fast, this 3D thing.

My laptop is powerfull,but this might be to much lol

Pandamobile3065d ago

It's been pretty popular on PC for the last 2 or so years. Lots of games have native stereoscopic 3d support already.

Here's a full list:

yess3065d ago

I knew it existed, but never seen it in action.

Is it the same type of 3D, with glasses end stuf?
I would like to try it out, just for fun...

t8503064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Dam thats a huge list of 3D ready games on PC. Wonder why people are even getting hyped over the consoles getting 3D. I mean PC already has 200+ of games judging by that list which are 3D ready.

Also the fact that on PC it can run in true 1080 High FPS and all that can be had at a much cheaper cost then consoles.

Yea you could hook a console up with a 3D monitor but the Jaggies would be terrible.

Perkel3064d ago

@ t850

none of them are native 3d supported. NVdia Vision emulates only games to be 3d.

Native support of 3D is only in Avatar and AvP3. There is a good 3D effect and poor 3D efect.

G5ames like avatar and AvP3 or GT5 3D are like avatar the movie

and games like Age of empires are like clash6 of th6e titans...

t8503064d ago


I am sure you would be singing a different tune had the PS3 supported so many games in a simular way.

I dont see any of you Sony fanboys complaining about the gimped 3D that will be present with the PS3. It will either be going sub HD or there will be a graphics hit maybe could even a be a fps hit. There always will be a compromise but you fanboys will always accept it cause Sony says its great so it must be.

snp3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

What's the quality like? Are there any bleeding/blurring (between left/right lens) issues? I'm not too up on it all, but have read lcd televisions tend to be much more problematic than plasma in handling 3d (reviews giving credit to Panasonic Plasma's over Samsung LCD's etc)...

Genuine question - not trolling.


TheIneffableBob3064d ago

The way this 3D Vision stuff works is that it gathers depth information from the game and this data is used to create the 3D effect. Some games don't work so well because they do strange things with depth which makes some elements like the HUD or particles look really odd, but the 3D Vision works the same way in all games. Games with the 3D Vision logo mean that they've been made to have proper depth with their graphics and look correct in 3D.

So, Perkel, no, it's not emulation of 3D. The emulated 3D is called 3D Vision Discover. This solution uses the classic red-and-blue 3D effect.

Biggest3064d ago

t850, you need some help with comprehension.

"I dont see any of you Sony fanboys complaining about the gimped 3D that WILL be present with the PS3. It WILL either be going sub HD or there WILL be a graphics hit maybe could even a be a fps hit. There always WILL be a compromise but you fanboys will always accept it cause Sony says its great so it must be."

Since you know all of these things to be true, and I believe you do because you're making all of the 3D games for the PS3, can you tell me what happened to Killzone 3? I've heard quite a bit about it lately and for some reason it isn't taking a graphics hit or being presented in sub HD. I know that is one example out of what will soon be many options, so grain of salt and all that. But I would love to know why you feel the way you do about something that you haven't seen yourself, with such recent examples proving everything you said to be wrong.

Rainstorm813064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Who pissed in your cherrios this morning?

Its a valid point perkel made. As someone who saw Avatar and Titans in 3D there is a HUGE difference. Its like watching something in native 1080p and watching something thats upscaled.

Sony didnt invent 3D and his comment wasnt overly fanboyish, Maybe your just a PC fanboy and will defend anything that "seems" negative to the death like every other fanboy loyalist in the world.

Games MADE for 3D will be better 3D experiences than those that are 3D enabled games. I dont see where Sony PC or Microsoft comes into play.

Maybe cause he said GT5, cant wait to see 3D Crysis BTW.

Its Funny how 3D was nothing but now that consoles are getting into the game look at all the PC guys touting 3D. LLS Just read the comments one story about Crysis 3D and the console bash fest begins.

Ju3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

None of those games are designed for real 3D.

Stereoscopic rendering exists since ages. But that does not mean, its any good. It gives you a depth "feeling", but it does not change the gameplay. Heck, even that "pseudo 3D" in Batman AA special addition looks great - to some extend. But it is no real 3D game, either.

Ask Guerilla. They design the game around the depth effect. One small subtle detail is where to put the cross-hair in a real 3D world (usually a cross hair is a 2D overlay put in the middle of the screen). But now, you aim in 3D. A 2D cross-hair won't work any more. Let me guess, non of those games let you really aim down the barrel, huh ?

Maybe it's just a marketing blip. But, guess if Sony wouldn't put any emphasis on it, we wouldn't even discuss this here (nor would anybody care if it works on the PC or not).

JustTheFactsMr3064d ago

For such a huge list and such a head start you would think it would have taken off by now.

PC guys just don't get it.

Joe six pack doesn't care about PC's on their HDTV's. They just don't.

But of course the PS3 haters don't seem to realize the stereoscopic 3D being heavily marketed by Sony will benefit the PC market as well. The 3D TV's being heavily marketed will potentially increase the number of PC's hooked up to those HDTV's etc because there is now at least away to standardize the 3D market over HDMI 1.4.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face complex.

"Cutting off the nose to spite the face" is an expression used to describe a needlessly self-destructive over-reaction to a problem: "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face" is a warning against acting out of pique, or against pursuing revenge in a way that would damage oneself more than the source of one's anger.

Funny how they have no hatred towards the 360 that will give you the old headache inducing anaglyph or will let the TV do pseudo 3D via upscaling 2D images. A method that will leave a bad taste in peoples's mouth about 3D.

Nope they direct it towards the PS3 that works with the industry standard HDMI 1.4 and was heavily supported by Sony/Ps3 and benefits the PC market as well.

Hate on.

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rexus123453064d ago

Right now 3D on PC requires a NVIDIA card and a 120Hz monitor, and I think only one brand of laptops supports it, but to implement 3D, there is very little work involved in the software side, all they need to do is to tweak the UI a little to make sure it looks correct under 3D view, all the rest are handled in the video card.

NYC_Gamer3065d ago

i'll jump into 3d when it becomes cheaper and standard without the glasses...

E46M33065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Its very afforadable on PC already.

you dont need to buy a 3000usd tv.

could build an entire pc for around 1500usd which will run 3D at 1080p instead of the 720p or below the consoles promise (which you get after spending 3k+ on tv alone).

snp3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

You've got a point, but are probably overstating it a bit. For example:

I didn't bother to check the 'checkout price', but the RRP on that one is $1999USD - which i'm sure could be had for closer to $1500 if you looked around enough. (that particular model also comes with a free 3d Bluray player and multiple sets of glasses (4, if deal is same as Australian offers), which on their own are probably at least another ~$500-600USD value).

Plus you'd be comparing a 22-24" monitor on the PC side with a 40-65" television.

Really, it's apples to oranges. No-one would buy/make a PC purely for playing some 3d games, and the vast majority are unlikely to 'buy a tv' purely for 3d (at this point, at least). People might 'value add' 3d capability if they already plan on buying/making a PC, and likewise if they are in line for a new tv. There, the difference between same specs with/without 3d versions works pretty similarly priced (each adds a couple hundred to what you'd pay without the feature - though less on the tv side, if you're also in need of a Bluray etc).

Meryl3064d ago

ouch that works out more expensive than ps3, GT5 and KZ3 will be examples of how 3D gaming should be done on consoles, I agree that 3D gaming will be limited but it will be like avatar where some of the games are rendered in 3D, such as in KZ3 bullets zipping at you ar snow melting affects etc, to me actually it will be more cool:):)

Chris_TC3064d ago

Without the glasses? You'll be waiting at least five years for a half-decent solution that can be viewed from outside a 10 degree sweet spot.

wwm0nkey3064d ago

Ive been playing games with 3D for years now on my PC, actually I was just playing Crysis Wars and Halo CE in 3D today.

btw I have a 470 GTX and god damn that train level of Crysis just eats fucking power.

taktak3064d ago

lol true, who wants to wait for console companies to take their time then release patches for every game, while on PC a huge list of games ae 3D ready and PC hardware actually is capable of running the game at decent FPS. Where on consoles it looks like Sony is just trying to get another check mark to promote its product.

wwm0nkey3064d ago

Yeah and you can even get pretty decent 3D with the red and blue glasses, which is what I did till I invested in the 120 hz monitor and the 3D vision kit.

champ213064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Playing on Eyefinity at the moment. None of my monitors are 3D enabled. I am considering replacing the Center monitor with a 3D monitor.

Have 5870 eyefinity 6(2gig version card) in crossfire. Hence thats enough power to run Crysis 1 in 5760*1080 enthsiast settings decent fps. Wonder how it would run 3D in 1920*1080 though.

Pandamobile3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Is ATI coming out with its own 3D technology?

champ213064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

I heard they included support for 120hz monitors in their latest drivers.

Though just went through their release notes nothing on 3D yet. Well Eyefinity will do for now ;-)

Edit: just checked this link

Ati announces 3D support but it requires Proprietary Hardware and Software

Chris_TC3064d ago

"It seems Crytek has accepted the fact that 3D Gaming is the future"

Hilarious, considering Crysis 1 can be played in 3D no problem.

Nihilism3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

This shouldn't be news on PC, especially seeing as 3d ready means absolutely nothing. All it means is that instead of ticking the "Steroscopic 3D" option in NV control panel you tick it in the in game menu...

Games don't need official support, ahh the beauty of an open platform.

That said, I don't care for 3D at all, I'll be finally getting my gtx480 in July and I'd rather spend that extra horsepower on extra frame rates at I.Q rather than a gimmick that will not enhance gameplay at all.

Crysis on high @ 1080 60 frames....or Crysis on high @ 1080p 30 frames so I can bat off with a migraine to 3D....hmmm


The only reason some old games look bad is because they are either locked at 30 frames or have physics elements etc locked at 30 frames, which when halved look especially bad in 3d, or when the engine is an old school pseudo3d engine. You've seen the retarded 30 frames physics in bioshock, they fall down in slow motion... imagine that at half the frame rate... But other engines with unlocked frames rates ( as fast as your pc can handle ) will have no problem.

Any game that uses a '3d' engine ( I mean the tradition 3d, the perception of depth within the game engine, not the glasses 3d )eg. any modern game will support 3d absolutely fine without any differences between a supported game and a non supported game

chak_3064d ago

that, 60 FPS.

and I feel retard wearing sunglasses in front of my monitor, so not for the moment.

Will by PC crysis 2 anyway, whatever happen.

Nihilism3064d ago

Yep day 1 for me too, it sounds awesome, I don't think the fact that it is multiplat will be a reflection on the gameplay or the visuals, a post from

"- The demo version ran with a good framerate even though it was not optimized for performance.
- No story or multiplayer details were revealed.
- You can see the the first-person character's body, just like in the previous Crysis games.
- The draw distance was said to be "seemingly limitless".
- Crytek's goals with Crysis 2 is, again, to push the envelope of gaming technology.
- Advanced DirectX 11 features (PC only) won't be shown until after summer.
- Crytek is taking the story aspect very seriously.
- Crytek thinks that New York will suit better for storytelling than a jungle setting.
- Grabbing enemies and hurling them through the air makes a comeback.
- Mounted gun turrets can be ripped off and utilized.
- Items can be used to batter enemies with.
- There will be huge alien opponents.
- Crytek has recreated New York in accurate, vibrant and detailed fashion.
- Crysis 2 is a reboot of the Crysis universe and tells a new story but some of the questions and plot threads left open
at the end of Crysis 1 will be resolved.
- Extra story details can be picked up by listening to conversations between soldiers.
- Multiple Nanosuit 2.0 powers can be used at the same time allowing you to mix and match them to your liking.
- In addition to weapon customization the Nanosuit 2.0 can also be customized and enhanced by unlocking and
activating various modules.
- The gameplay style of Crysis 2 lies somewhere between a modern military shooter and a science-fiction shooter.
- The artifical intelligence (AI) makes smart use of cover and is very alert and ready for action; a sniper rifle kill
caused a strong counterattack.
- A 'microwave cannon' was mentioned as one of the weapons.
- There will be tons of replay value. "

aka :D

taktak3064d ago

Cant wait for the game too. Day 1 buy.

PC ftw ;-)

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