The Ten Best Soccer Games of All Time

In celebration of this year’s impending football World Cup, PC World has assembled an all-star team of the world’s 10 best soccer games (or 'football' if you live in Blighty).

For variety’s sake, the net has been deliberately cast wide, with cutesy arcade games jostling alongside football management sims.

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Sunny_D3089d ago

This is what I think about sports games:
Once you play one, you've played them all.

grumpysmurf3088d ago

You could say the same thing about racing games. Or FPS games. Or fantasy RPGs. Or pretty much any video game genre, come to think of it.

Baka-akaB3088d ago

spoken like someone who only played one

captain-obvious3088d ago

my favorite is
winning eleven 4
winning eleven 3

FIFA is shit
and i still think its shit
and the winning eleven series began to downgrade (in my opinion) and then they changed the name
so yah

that's about it for me

topdawg1223088d ago

FIFA 10 is easily the most realistic and best football game to date. If you don't like it that probably means that you completely suck at it and are a hater.

vhero3088d ago

Top 10 football games off all time at least get it right its called English.. Sheesh.. Its called Soccer in 2 countrys and football all over the world.. If your talking real Football games here though mario strikers shouldn't be on that list that seriously... That game wasn't meant as a serious football game just as a fun game..

csimpson3088d ago

To be fair, if the article was called 'Best Football Games' 80% of N4G readers would be looking for Madden on the list and scratching their heads.

toaster3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Stupid people... America shouldn't even be in the world cup as they have a "soccer" team not a "football" team. FIFA = Fédération Internationale de Football Association

Emphasis on *football*

Davoh3088d ago

Imagine if it was called FISA, and lol that pictures awesome, Handegg

ozhuerta3088d ago

Agreed. It's FOOTBALL.
I don't know how to call that other sport where the players barely touch the "ball" with their feet. Even rugby players kick the ball more often...

Imperator3088d ago

I honestly wonder why the US chose the name Football for a game that doesn't have anything to do with feet. It's just dumb.

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Quagmire3089d ago

What I find ironic is why buy a $100 soccer game, when's its cheaper and healthier to just buy a ball and play outside? Its more fun and you get excercise. Only reason i play games is to do things i wouldnt normally be able to do, like hijack a tank and drive it all over town. Oh wait...

Penno3088d ago

Ah, but presumably fans of soccer games dream of playing in the World Cup or Championship League or whatever. So the games still have that fantasy appeal.

ozhuerta3088d ago

Playing for Manchester United.
That's a regular dream for me. No jokes...

Baka-akaB3088d ago

oh god that old and retarded "you can do it in real life" argument .

A soccer game makes you both the player , the coach and the manager . There is a reason even pro players , and stars at that , enjoy a pes or fifa once everywhile

bjornbear3088d ago

but im not a FOOTBALL fan

I enjoy PLAYING football (in real life OR virtually) over watching it, and i can honestly say i have no favorite club (and in my country, thats blasphemy x3)

chak_3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

foot sucks, how can a foot game not suck?

kidding kidding

I prefer BB over foot, and I'd like a reboot for NBA 2K11, got the feeling they're lazy now.

edit : on topic, FIFA for me, it's been a huge sucess since '08. Pes is only the shadow of what it was

MrJack3088d ago

Playing FIFA is huge fun and very addictive, so's playing football, but you have to get a ball, go to a field and run around to play, its tiring and even just playing casually you get tired after 2-3 hours.

Revvin3088d ago

Hmm no MatchDay or Matchday 2??

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