Feature: What If God Of War III Was An Xbox 360 Exclusive?

‘In the end there will only be chaos’, that phrase has become synonymous with God of War III and indeed, chaos brought the game to an end. An epic conclusion in every sense of the word. The God of War franchise is one of the most respected in the gaming industry, and it’s also a PS3 exclusive developed by Sony Santa Monica.

But what if said game was an Xbox 360 exclusive, what would it be like? Would it be the same? Would it have sold more copies? Or would it just be lost in the woods?

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George Sears3066d ago ShowReplies(1)
Faztkiller3066d ago

It would still be a good game just not look as good

stonecold13066d ago

be the same and it just wouldnt handle all the envoroment going on in the game end of statement

kenjix3066d ago

It would be 540p and the media would say it's a must buy and it's their GOTY :)

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