PlayStation Home Core Client Update Coming This Week

"PlayStation Home Community Manager CydoniaX has just revealed that users of the ever-growing social network will be in for quite an interesting week."

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D4RkNIKON3066d ago

I hope for a complete over hall. Where is the ability to share video content in your personal space with friends? That feature alone would get people to use home.

NJShadow3066d ago

Goodness gracious, before Home even hit Open Beta, that was THE feature that was getting people excited for the app, because that's something that really DOES bring people together... entertainment and games with friends!

Philaroni3066d ago

I know what you mean, If anything it would be something they talk about at E3 if/when we hear more about PSN+

Netflix + Home could be very cool combo if done right.

Conloles3065d ago

Does anyone even play this anymore?

Tony-A3066d ago

Seriously, if they EVER put that feature back in, I will not be using the video chat rooms much longer.

I would love to be able to watch some shows with pals. Definitely a step forward in Home's social aspect.

ShepardVasNormandy3066d ago

I used to go on Home every day. Especially when they had Xi going on. Since then I lost interest to the point that today I only go on when I am really really bored. It has lost the fire of the initial release. I feel it needs more community objective based games like Xi.

NJShadow3066d ago

Xi was awesome. The thing is, it seems like there's too much focus on content and things that will only raise public interest for small periods of time in short bursts, when I believe they should really be focusing on features that people can go to time and time again, instead.

xplosneer3066d ago

The problem is that mostly, they focus on the small things that attract a few people for a short time. They need to focus on the main features that make Home appealing in the first place.

nix3066d ago

Xi was just awesome. i logged in almost everyday just for that. not so much nowadays. plus i don't have time.

Godmars2903066d ago

The Xi guys are suppose to be working on two projects, then there's the steampunk area that's going to have a running adventure.

Anon19743066d ago

But I saw something on that steampunk area and what they're planning on doing with that. That certainly has my interest peaked.

Redempteur3066d ago

i hope the XI guys launch another event soon

MAGNUM-RAM3066d ago

We need that hdd video, music & pics feature to share!
Phone call chats to more than 1 person even though proxy mic was the best.

That's pretty much it. Of course we want more games.
Very excited about this update. Might be something special. I've got my fingers crossed.

redsquad3065d ago

That's what non-gamers say about those of us that do play... grow up and accept that people may like things you don't.

Sitris3066d ago

Since when is file sharing with friends considered, someone without a life? So talking with people is not a life now? I better stop talking to my i want to have a life with her......

JD_Shadow3066d ago

Where the hell is the damn trophy room already? We've yet to even HEAR about that or what the status of it even is. Did they just forget that they were even working on it, or that they had told us anything about it?

Redempteur3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )


Aren't you already able to compare and see your trophies in the xmb OR THE PLAYSTATIONS websites ...

What will you do in a trophy room ??

Shouldn't you want instead more items FROM games ( aka SSF4 , white knight ) to populate your own spaces and dress your avatar ? Because that is 200% more usefull.

if you want to show your gaming skills , then your home spaces and your avatar are already doing that role ...

JD_Shadow3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I care about it because it was a big selling point of Home for me, and from the looks of many of the Playstation forums around the internets, I'm not alone in that sentiment. Capping at me about it is not going to change my mind about that or change that point (plus that'll bring out certain people to try to say that they love seeing "PS3 faithful fighting amongst one another", as if everyone that likes the PS3 will always agree with one another).

By your comment, I can assume that you do not know what the trophy room was supposed to be. They were going to add a Hall of Fame space with a trophy room in which people can see 3D versions of your collected trophies (not much else is known about the HOF thing other than the room, though). I thought it was very cool to see, but we've never heard about it after Sony made reference to it during the days when we first learned of Home's existence.

I agree that the items you get from the trophies ARE a plus, but in this case, I think we should be able to, and I think we can, have our cake and eat it too.

Redempteur3065d ago

MAYBE just MAYBE you should check HOME in his current status and you'll see how useless that feature seems ..
When you talk about Internet foroms ..well you can make them said whatever you want .. BUT IN the official playstation foroms AND in the foroms of HOME websites ( those who talk about the HOME news & Events ) that is not such a requested feature ...

Also see how trophies in 3D is kinda HARD to do unless it's just a standard trophy with the trophy picture on it ..( since there is countless trophy pictures now for a lot of games ) and that would make it kinda useless .

For the HALL OF FAME that was just concept ideas for HOME ..they NEVER promised this ...

For your information i'm a regular HOME user and i'm active in EUROPE, USA & JAPAN servers ... as of now a trophy room is useless since we already have our own home spaces ..otherwise what's the point of the rewards you get while playing the mini games ? what's the point of decorating your home space ?

Koneesha3065d ago

The trophy room would be like decorating your own space though, but instead of a home you have this great big hall with all the trophies you won from games.

Godmars2903066d ago

I want to see more things like the Sodium shooter space. iRem's R-type space in Japan.

Hell, go to the Japan Home plaza and you can see the Capcom skyship tooling around. That has its own mall, game launching areas and a rooftop courtyard.

Might even be getting a ferris wheel/roller coaster deal once its full up and running.

MAGNUM-RAM3066d ago

In between games I visit & just appreciate all the cool stuff.
I laugh all the time in there. I think a trophy room is useless as well & would love more spaces like sodium one. I have alot of favorite spaces I launch games from. It only gets better every week for me & my friends whom I've met there.

Modnation racers has a new Hub space with a fun little racing car skiball mini game. Lots of competition for the high score in there to get your name up. That's what it used to be all about in the arcades in the 80's.

If you have a pseye you can actually meet tons of girls to webcam with too. I couldn't believe you could pick up girls in there but you can to my surprise. I think that's what scares most of the home haters away. The inability to talk to real women or be social at all with anyone.
Why else could they hate on this free app? They make up lies about girls being dudes because they don't talk to them. Yet if you break the ice, share info, eye chat, you might get yourself a girl gamer or a really fun " private " night. I've done this countless times & have never come across a girl avatar that was a man. A few big girls but no man.

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