Sony Shows off 3D Gran Turismo 5 to the Tokyo

Sony wants their new line of 3D Bravia televisions to make a splash in the market, and they're using 3D augmented PlayStation 3 games to make it happen. The electronics giant displayed their new TV line and several PlayStation 3 games this week in Tokyo's Roppongi neighborhood.

In addition to concerts and events featuring 3D footage being filmed live, Sony turned a local coffee shop into the "3D dot cafe", where they provided playable Gran Turismo 5 demo stations and displayed game and film trailers alongside sports footage.

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morganfell3063d ago

Damn, even Killzone 2 in 3D. Wonder if we'll get a conversion patch before KZ3 launches.

D4RkNIKON3063d ago

Denial has nothing better to do because he has no games to play!

darthv723063d ago

is the reason gt5 has not been released yet due to sony adding 3d and wanting this game to have it out of the box? I recall this game seems to have been ready up until the big 3d announcement and get the feeling it was pushed back because of 3d.

If a great looking game like kz2 can get a 3d patch after the fact then why is gt5 keep being pushed back? I would like to play it now without 3d as i dont have the 3d glasses for my tv but when the 3d patch comes out then i will get the glasses.

Just tired of waiting as i am sure millions of others are. Accepting the delay further to add a feature few will take advantage of is kind of hypocritical. By that i mean we speak out in protest of games that get held back when we know they are done and yet this game is ok to be held back.

Why is it ok for this game and none of the others?

Ju3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I would hope, they'd re-release KZ2 on the KZ3 disk - running the KZ3 engine (or in a special addition or something). Maybe leave the multiplayer out (that wouldn't be fair to other KZ2 players, or use KZ2 levels in KZ3 only, in that case). As this is an evolution of an engine, it should be possible to port KZ2 over fairly easily.

Well, wishful thinking, I guess, but that would be totally awesome. Re-playing KZ2 with updated visuals and in 3D...

Denial3063d ago ShowReplies(8)
boodybandit3063d ago

but I will take mine in piano black.

DaTruth3063d ago

You'll have a Hell of a time dusting it!

Wrathman3063d ago ShowReplies(5)
sikbeta3063d ago

Of Course It Only Does Everything....

3D + GT5 + KZ3 = It Only Does Epicness...

3D Gaming FTW

sid4gamerfreak3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Sony has yet to turn a profit from Blu-Ray. The division responsible for BR media reported a loss of $78 million last year. Part of the problem is, with over 20 partners, they only get a fraction of the overall income.

Adoption has been slower than expected. There's too many alternatives to get HD content, and the demise of the rental store means more people are looking for discless ways to get HD content (direct download, on-demand) or sticking with upscaled DVD, which works perfectly fine for HDTVs of 40" or smaller.
This is just Sony trying to sell expensive TVs. It's amazing how many people are praising them for this while ignoring the part about "headaches" and "nausea".
In the next generation of consoles, this will be bigger news. There will be more processing power to spare for such effects (Wipeout HD drops from 60 FPS to 30 FPS when running in 3D, and other performance hits like lower resolution will effect other 3D games), the TVs will be closer to what actual mortals can afford, and maybe they'll do something about the negative physical effects of watching 3D for extended periods of time. Until then, this is really of very little interest to Joe Consumer; only the real tech whores who love throwing large gobs of cash at the consumer electronics industry need apply.

sid4gamerfreak3063d ago

btw this comment is from some other guy, but he said it well and i share the same view

jjesso19933063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Blu rays adoption rate is twice of what dvd's was sales blu rays are nearly matching what dvds are blu rays are now only pound or 2 dearer than dvds in most shops asda,tesco morrisons online stores. And upscaled connent better than blu ray on 42'' screen or lower are you and the guy that wrote that on crack or have not see blu ray before I have on many diffrent screens on 32'' blu ray looks good my old toshiba dvd upsclaer with usb looks crap compared to blu ray on my old tv to that on 37'' blu ray looks good 42'' blu ray outstanding. also wipeout and other 3d games will not drop to 30fps that would be 15fps per eye what happens is you get 30fps per eye thats why some games will have downgrades to get it work 60fps. next time look the facts dont copy and pates of guy that dont know crap.

Heisenberg3063d ago

Getting the chance to not only play GT5, but in 3fückinD and on a sick setup like that, with the wheel, bucket seat, and pedals and what-not... That's what dreams are made of boys and girl (there can't be more than one girl here.)

DERKADER3062d ago

Go to your local Sony store to see Killzone 2, MotorStorm, Wipeout HD and Super Stardust HD. I was impressed when I saw it but the right price and amount of support are still years away.

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RememberThe3573063d ago

But I just want to go to a big Japanese city in general. My friend ex was from Osaka and she said their cities are so much different then ours. But to be able to go to Tokyo AND play GT5 in 3D would be mind blowing!

Mista T3063d ago

no video? fail.

I know you can't see the 3d but I just wanna see some gameplay

jack_burt0n3063d ago

Damn its really upset alot of ppl on 1up, ppl should relax if it takes off it could be a big deal, if it doesn't all the games we still want are coming and probably will benefit from alot of the stuff thats being done technically anyhow especially if you have a big 1080p tv, really good blurays and games if your setup is done right can have a nice 3d depth to it anyhow.

Its not worth these guys getting so angry about.

JustTheFactsMr3063d ago

Kind of reminiscent of Blu-ray. But for an optional feature.

Trolls, haters and paid shills is the only reasonable explanation. Like I said reminiscent of Blu-ray.

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