Why Insomniac is the Best Developer Ever

Mucu from responds to Ted Price's phone call, "Sometimes, all it takes is one phone call to confirm what you have known for years. That’s the phone call I engaged in this past week. And for me, it confirmed that Insomniac Games is the best developer in the industry. Let’s put aside the fact that they have been placed in the top 10 Best Small Companies to work for in America for 3 years in a row. Let’s put aside the fact that they have sold well over 35 million games. Let’s put aside the fact that they have released 12 titles over the past 14 years, all of which have at least garnered an 80% or above critic average. No, let’s not even talk about that. Let’s talk about community outreach and hospitality, which is something where Insomniac excels beyond anyone’s wildest expectations."

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SOAD3116d ago

Insomniac has a lot of passion. I have watched a couple of their video blogs. But I don't think they are the best.

I think Naughty Dog is better.

SupeerSteebbi3116d ago

Yeah, Naughty Dog are the best.

PR0X13116d ago

For me Rockstar are the best devs ever. They make games I love :)

RememberThe3573116d ago

They are my top dev. But the great thing about Insomniac is they LOVE what they do. You cant help but love them for that.

ifhd3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I was moved with every game they made.
love ND,got 2 copies of Un2.

HolyOrangeCows3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Insomniac makes great games, but I wouldn't really say they make "Amazing" games.

I was just playing Up Your Arsenal a few minutes ago, btw.

Legosz3116d ago Show
ShinMaster3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

IG make some of the greatest games out there. But I wouldn't really say THE best. (@HolyOrangeCows: Up Your Arsenal is awesome)

And neither is Rockstar. Not to hate on them, but the only bar they've raised recently is the glitch and bugs bar. They're great and fun sandbox/open-world devs nonetheless.

Naughty Dog are pretty awesome devs too. They haven't made a single game that has been any less than impressive. Every single game they have released since the 90s has been either great or awesome.

Kojima Productions and their Metal Gear Solid(the "Tactical Espionage Action" games not the new Raiden one lol) are all full of win. Something about those games that can't be replicated. Can't wait for Peace Walker!!!

Team ICO make some pretty visually artistic games that are somewhat simple but also full of greatness and epic in scale scale.

Sorry for the wall of text, but my point is, a lot of devs are great but we can't say which one is best. All of their styles are different.

Commander TK3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Insomniac r the best. They have been releasing great a game every year since 2006. Kojima Productions r geniuses too. Naughty Dog is not so bad either. Rockstar North too of course

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jwatt3116d ago

Yea I also think Naughtydog is better and R* is up there too, the quality of there games are top notch!

cayal3116d ago

Insomniac would be an awesome place to work. They reward their workers well.

They also seem very down to earth and open (as much as a dev can be).

huzzaahh3116d ago

People are only saying that they are amazing because they are now making a multiplatform game. NONE of this publicity and praise would be around if they were still exclusively making games for Sony.

I love Insomniac's games, but they are far from being the best developer.

cayal3116d ago

Aside from the times they release games and the praise that is heaped on them.
Or how they rewarded their workers with a luxury cruise.
Or how they always respect other devs and their work.

Yeah, other then not it's only cos they are multi-plat...

STICKzophrenic3116d ago

Bungie is the best because of how close they are with their fans and community.

OpenGL3116d ago

Based on that criteria Valve is undeniably the best developer.

Dragun6193116d ago

Can't say Insomniac is the Best Developer ever, but they are indeed one of the best and coolest developers out there.

I mean, those guys listen to their fanbase. They understood that fans of Resistance 1 didn't like changes with resistance 2.
They also didn't announce they're Multi announcement with EA at MS E3 but instead announcing on a regular week.
They even called a fan to say thank you for being a major supporter of Insomniac. How cool is that, your favorite developer just calling to say thank you for buying our game. Insomniac = Awesome

UnSelf3116d ago

though as of lately theyve been slipping and is no longer my fav dev, its safe to say Capcom has this one

just look at their resume

Ryudo3116d ago

I know illogical fanboys will slay me for my opinion, but my favorite developer is Square-Enix.

BkaY3116d ago

and tie between "ND" , "santa monica", "KP"


Galaxia3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Insomniac are my favorite developers of all time. Loved them ever since I played Spyro on the PS1.

Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica and Bioware are all pretty close to them in quality however.

wazzim3115d ago

Kojima is the best, duh.

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belal3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

santamonica studios with naughty dog. insomniac at second, gurilla games at third, konami at 4th and EA at 5th. alll of these are great. don't forget kojima san :D

BkaY3116d ago

your name is "Belal" or "Bilal"?

im Bilal btw..


LordMarius3116d ago

lol, I think that will require making good games...

SOAD3116d ago

I've heard you bitching about them for not adding online components to their Ratchet and Clank games. Boo hoo. Their games are excellent, aside from Resistance 2.

spektical3116d ago

resistance 2 was excellent


dc13116d ago

Facepalm assist!
That is,... with much respect to your opinion.

Michael-Jackson3116d ago

They do make good games. Resistance 2 was crap - crap story, nice bosses but very easy and forgettable.

Imperator3116d ago

Resistance 2 wasn't bad, it just wasn't as good as the first. It was still a lot of fun though,and the Co-Op was pretty good.

RememberThe3573116d ago

Those complaints were completely remedied in R2. I still prefer R2 to FoM but I think they did some things better in FoM such as the gloomy, dark feel.

If they make another Resistance game, finding a middle grown between what both games did would be great.

Resistance: Retrobution is still the best game in the series though, IMO.

duplissi3116d ago

... love your avatar.


Gobot3116d ago

"Why Insomniac is the Best Developer Ever"
Has anyone here played Resistance2?
that game was complete crap.
What ever their next game is it better be a shooter or else its going to sell like sh*t

Das_Bastardion3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Because the writer is a stupid xbot, and now that insomniac is going to do 1 multiplat, the stupid bots are all horny and stuff

Im gonna laugh to death when sony cut the crap and buy the fvcking studio, then the stupid xbots are gonna go apesh!t against the studio again.

Insomniac, they have no respect for themselves, being PS3 exclusive and then going multiplat is like being rich, then you blew it and you go poor, cannot afford your Ferrari maintenance and then sell it to get a Honda... shame on them... shame on them...

Zezo3116d ago really took the words right out of mouth, man.