Square Enix trademarks ‘Auctions of Atlantis’. Is it a new MMO?

VGTribune's latest search of the US Patent and Trademark Office has turned up a new trademark filing by Square Enix on May 21 for ‘Auctions of Atlantis'. Within the filing there is the usual mention of “computer game software; video game software,” but interestingly enough other parts of the trademark filing make it sound like it could be an MMO.

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B-Real2063061d ago

10 to 1 that it's uninteresting. Takers?

Godmars2903061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Sucker's bet if ever i heard...

I wonder is Square at all aware that their credibility, the credibility Squaresoft built anyway, has all but rock-bottomed among their Western audience.

Not that I didn't like FFXIII - though I've yet to finish it - I'm just really sick of hearing anything they have to say. That all they're really doing is making excuses.

kaveti66163061d ago

I wonder, do people on the internet ever think that maybe the rest of the world doesn't think the same way they do?

Can you really gauge Square Enix's credibility based on the opinion of a few people on this website?

Wouldn't it be better to gauge the credibility of Square Enix based on how well their games sell, specifically Final Fantasy XIII, which is one of the best selling games of 2010?

Ryudo3061d ago

Your most likely right Godmars, I wonder when there next J-RPG is out so I can buy it?

Dragun6193061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Why base Square Enix's credibility on how much copies they sell? What about base it on the quality of games they've been releasing?

Infinite Discovery, Star Ocean IV, The last Remnant, Nier?

If I did base it on sales, Final Fantasy XIII would be the only title that they sold over 1 million this gen with exception to they're DS titles. FFXIII was good, but it wasn't great as the previous installments at all. Check out the reviews, plenty of sites agree that its good, it just wasn't great nor was it memorable. It felt like it was more of a chore to play through the game, while it really picked up at chapter 11 it just dropped soon after and never really picks it up again.

Godmars2903061d ago

It says one thing that the negative online response to has been worldwide, that's including the Japanese market. True the games selling, but how much longer can Square sell games on name alone?

ceiltsei3061d ago

You really cannot gauge the success of a company or game on the sales.

The point really is.. no matter good a company was, a company will change over time and may fail completely when trying to give the customers what they want in a newer generation. SquareEnix is obviously failing - right now they think that gamers want anime style games with mini-games.

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Hellsvacancy3061d ago

Yeah but so is Final Fantasy, because there is 13 of them, hardly final ay


there are more than 13 final fantsy games.
you dont remember final fantasy adventure?
the 3 final fantasy legend games?
chrystal chronicles?
the chrystal bearers?
of course some of them were spinoffs but they are final fantasy games.

PolyTicks223061d ago

Yeah, it's a stupid name, but it's Square Enix. I mean, they make Final Fantasy. It's got a cult following. Just a tiny one. /sarcasm

If Square Enix makes *somethihng*, Final Fantasy fans will eat it up.

biggame9013061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Wrong. I'm a Final Fantasy fan, and I don't give a damn what Square Enix has to say or whatever crap they make. I have no respect for them any longer.

Ryudo3061d ago

Want a tissue Biggame?

ceiltsei3061d ago

I am a final fantasy fan, but I have disliked every final fantasy since 7 and refuse to purchase any after 10. I am now an ex-customer of Square Enix.

What was that about final fantasy fans eating it up?

theunleashed643061d ago

WTF? thats it square is officially lame.

Sigh3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I imagine people of Atlantis bidding at auctions...

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