Platform Nation: An Open Letter to Fanboys

Nathan Hardisty from Platform Nation writes an open letter to all fanboys. "Not flamebait, not rage - an invitation to the real debate."

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SeanRL3064d ago

Fanboys don't understand intelligent debates.

yess3064d ago

Do not now what a fanboy is, never been one.

But i like gaming:-)

game on

mikeslemonade3064d ago

3rd party exclusives are a good thing. No, it's more than just fanboy ammunition. 3rd party exclusives have higher ratings overall. It takes less time to make a quality 3rd party exclusive and it also takes advantage of that respective system.

Earlier in this generation a lot of 3rd party exclusives on PS3 weren't that good and the ones on 360 were pretty good. Now the few 3rd party exclusives on PS3 are extremely good, but in 2010 if there's a 360 3rd party exclusive it's most likely going to be a crappy game. It's developers that don't know how to develop for PS3 that still chose to go exclusive on 360. The only exception is Portal 2 which is going to be a great game.

booni33064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Excellent read. This is brilliant. This man gets what i've been for ages. I've been perusing this site, PMing random fanboys to get them to change but hes just took the words from my mouth. This is whats wrong with the gaming community, whats very wrong with N4G. Fanboys are multiplying and gamers dying down. please, please for the sake of the gaming community, get cured of the most vile disease since the plague: Fanboyism.

LordMarius3064d ago Show
Imperator3064d ago

The thing is, whenever there's two things competing (be it sports, political debates, or in this case consoles), people will take sides. I don't mind fanboys as long as they're at least able to make a solid argument.

Now, the fanboys that go to extremes and just troll unintelligent really get on my nerves.

Personally, I prefer the PS3, but I do not bash the 360 whatsoever.

Denethor_II3063d ago

I bash the Xbox because sometimes its fun, but there are those who spout utter nonsense due to fanboyism; that I can't stand.

bjornbear3064d ago

i don't like certain games, but that doesn't mean they are not well designed games.

sometimes we have to step out of our shoes and think about the other side

however, some people just CAN'T do that, while others that can are simply sour for some reason, and just act foolish

Lich1203064d ago

I think that goes hand in hand with whether or not people have empathy. Some people do, others, not so much. It turns out from an article I just read (can't find the link atm) that gamers as a whole have very little empathy compared to other groups.

This would explain the high yield fanboyism that the games industry sees.

Anarki3064d ago

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have 1 game exclusive. It may be better for the developers, but it's not better for the gaming community.

Yeah, it makes them more cash in the end, but one or both of the consoles are guaranteed to get a bad quality game.

inveni03064d ago

There IS something wrong. I wouldn't mind if both consoles were equally as powerful, but to have graphic marvels like Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and Killzone 2 on the PS3 and then a pop-up happy, sub-hd piece of graphical crap like Red Dead Redemption is what makes it wrong. The reason PS3 fanboys (like me) want their games exclusive is because we know that they're being pushed to the next level. With multiplats, they aren't. Red Dead Redemption's pop-up didn't bother me at first, but by the last few missions, I was like "jeeeeeeezzzzz".....

But I wouldn't care if something was PS3/Linux at all.

XactGamer3064d ago

Fanboys give the the willies like when you go to the bathroom and you get a cold chill up your spine with the feeling like someone is watching you pee. Fanboys are one bad news story away from walking into a mall and gunning people down because their favorite game went multiplatform,

HolyOrangeCows3064d ago

I look at this comment section....I see people trying to have intelligent discussions about fanboys...

BkaY3064d ago

is the worst thing happen to gaming world.. :(


rkimoto3064d ago

I would categorize them like this: (from best to worst)

1.- Gamers (enjoy every gmaing platform)
2.- Fans (fans of exclusively one console/platform but are respectful about other people's choices)
3.- Fanboys (defend their favorite console/platform regardless of logic but don't go into the offensive)
4.- Extreme Fanboys (Fanboy but goes into the offensive)
5.- Trolls (No logic, primarily go into the offensive at sites of their hated platform/consoles... Gaming eTerrorists)

The letter should re-made for #4 or #5... #3 is ok since the mostly hang at the sites of their preference and, as long as they don't convert to the lower ones.

ChrisW3064d ago

You should also mention that many trolls bait by acting like an extreme Nazi fanboy for the other console.

morkendo3064d ago

Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Apple don’t seem care about your support; they care about your investment. I will say that the big four probably do care at least a little about the consumer. They do care about investing into new technologies. What they don’t care about is you bickering with the ‘other side’ about which console is better. It’s all ‘My Dad is bigger than your Dad’ and at the end of the day, your Dad really doesn’t give a crap.
who cares?? LETS HAVE FUN AN GAME ON!!

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darkdoom30003064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Wow, I've never had to really use this... until now-


mrv3213064d ago

'Literally, "Too long; didn't read" Said whenever a nerd makes a post that is too long to bother reading.'-Google

darkdoom30003064d ago

what's up with the disagrees- It's really friggin long; I didnt read it
(I read the ending summary though.)

radphil3064d ago

It's more of why bother posting that when you could just have easily said:

This article is long.

By saying TL:DR is saying "I don't care for this article"

Mista T3064d ago

fanboys are annoying as heck. they defend the thing they love to death even though there can be something wrong with it even though they don't want to admit it.

also they bash the things they can't get.

dizzleK3064d ago

fanboyism would stop if people would just realize that their console sucks and try to be a little more humble about it. you don't see too many people sticking up for hitler or the atari jaguar do you? realize that 2 current consoles are their modern counterparts, you're playing one or both of them and move on with your life.

SOAD3064d ago

"fanboyism would stop if people would just realize that their console sucks"

The irony.

thief3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Whenever I see an article complaining about "fanboyism" I am reminded of a scene in Friends between Rachel and her sister
Rachel's bitchy sister: You slept with my boyfriend
Rachel: He was my boyfriend, you were the one who slept with him
Rachel's sis: Oh get over it, that was 10 years ago

So for 2 years after the PS3's launch there was a barrage of negative articles, filled with gloating comments from the xbox camp about how the PS3 was inferior, had no games, etc, etc
Then around 2008 the tables turned, several top-notch PS3 exlcusives turned out so far superior to their 360 counterparts, and suddenly we have (maybe from the same people) comments and articles about how fanboyism is so stupid, attacking other consoles is so infantile, etc...just wait till some 360 game looks a bit better than its competing PS3 exclusive, and the cycle will turn again.

SOAD3064d ago

Maybe you're right, but what you're doing right there is defending the "two wrongs don't make a right" fallacy. And you're implying that the same people attacking fanboyism now are were or still are 360 fanboys.

Ult iMate3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

But where were articles like that in 2007?
All I saw back then was articles about PS3 isn't needed, cell isn't needed, Blu-Ray isn't needed. PS3 sucks dust like hell, PS3 heats, PS3 scratces discs (yeah, even that kind of articles!), "PS3 is teh doomedz" (those are still appearing sometimes). Those articles were all over internets, all over big gaming sites and portals (just check out kotaku or edge - they were so biased it wasn't even funny), and even in gaming magazines. And not a single article about "Hey! Give PS3 some time and cut all the bullshit!".

So the articles about fanboyism are looking kinda funny today. There would be much less fanboy's shitstorms today if it were not for constant bashing of PS3 in 2007-2008 in mass-media (in mass-media! not in forums). Much of this fanboism arose because of crappy journalism to somehow fight against it. And now those crappy journalists are crying because of fanboys? They reap what they saw.

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