More Castlevania: Harmony of Despair details surface

SystemLink: "Back in April, rumours of a 2D multiplayer Castlevania game for XBLA titled Castlevania: Harmony of Despair started making their way around the web. The game's existence was pretty believable back then, but the Australian Ratings Board has just given us even more reason to believe that we'll be slaying Dracula with our friends before too long."

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DA_SHREDDER3116d ago

Um xbox live only? Whatever

NovusTerminus3116d ago

I was hoping the PS3 would get it too, as everyone I know is on the PS3... So oh well I guess.

N4GAddict3115d ago

It might just be a timed exclusive.

AAACE53115d ago

I'm surprised no one said MS paid for it's exclusivity! But it's still early, so it will probably be said within an hour. Or they only care when it's a big release title.

Either way, a multiplayer Castlevania could be cool.

kvg883116d ago

you'd be foolish to think otherwise

mjolliffe3116d ago

Not at first I expect, but I'm sure it will eventually :)

Demons Souls3116d ago

Multiplayer Castlevania = FAIL

I just want a 2D Castlevania like the classics. I don't want a multiplayer Castlevania game as it's not really a true Castlevania experience, just a bunch of people speedrunning rooms until a boss. I also don't care about the Lords of Shadows that looks like it's trying to be more like God of War than an actual Castlevania game (on top of that Lords of Shadows is by the same devs who made Clive Barker's Jericho so I don't have a lot of hope for that).

Also, whatever happened to the Koji Igarashi game? (trailer below) I feel like that has been silently canceled just so they can push out the crappy Castlevania games instead.

NovusTerminus3116d ago

I think a Multiplayer 2D game could be fun. Tha said I can understand what you mean.

I hope Lords of Shadows is good but with that dev team I am worried...

And btw, OMG I never say that trailer, I hope it is not canceled. Looked cool. A classic Castlevania could would be awesome, though it did not transfer well into a 3'rd person game, Lament of Innocence told a great story and I enjoyed it, though the best in the franchise to me might have to be Circle of the Moon.

Cheeseknight283115d ago

Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow were both superior to Circle, if you ask me. Circle was had too many problems to like it that much, such as the rather odd movement controls (double tap d-pad to run) and the jittery jumping.

gano3115d ago

Please don't let this be..

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