360 = Achievements, PS3 = Entitlements

In this week's EGM Live Podcast, Dan Hsu, editor of EGM, revealed that he had caught wind of the fact that Sony was going to call their copy and pasted achievement system "entitlements".

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Islandkiwi5048d ago

Entitlements? That doesn't even make sense.

neeharb5048d ago

Then i think the next thing sony will do is make First party games like Halo=Malo,Gears of war=tears of war,Mass effect=Deep impact ,list goes on and on...Some on PHONY Guyz make something of your own...U already tried to copy microsoft on live service ...and now the Achievements ...Sore loosers...Now they will claim they had this planned in 1857 or maybe 200 years before that


"I know, I know, yep yeah, you too
Okay we get it, yep yeah you too
I know, I know, yep yeah, you too
Okay everybody meet mister me too
I know, I know, yep yeah, you too
Okay we get it, yep yeah you too
I know, I know, yep yeah, you too
Okay everybody meet mister me too"

HyperBear5048d ago

Cant these guys think up anything on their own. Like c'mon. I dont even work for sony and I have a totally original idea that they should use for PS3. Here it is:
** Every PS3 video game purchase, you recieve 5 Sony Dollars to spend on the online shop for various games for various maps, weapons, accessories, etc.**. How hard is that to do, not only will you get some above average sales in video games, ppl will also use your online shop to buy things, cause I dont think they want to pay for everything on it. And Its original, Xbox 360 uses Microsoft points, but they dont give you free points when you buy games. Sony you could make some money and have a totaly original idea here. THINK ABOUT IT


1- Sony would have to give something for free to their customers. Sony hate their customers.

2- Unless Microsoft do it first, Sony don't want to do it.


HyperBear5047d ago

How true is that. I guess Sony may copy Nintendos free gaming download service. Oh wait, E-Emulation, ??, Oh yea, theyve already done that. Just like the Wii, as you can download nes, snes, n64 titles. Now you can download PS1 titles and then save them directly to your HDD, or even play them on your PSP. Hmmm, Well i guess theres nuthing left for Sony to make original now. THEY ARE FUKED

DC RID3R5048d ago

Basically, if you can't come up with one single original idea, YOUR FUC*D!!!!!!

Instead of Fony being leaders in innovation and imagination, they're gonna look like complete PUNKS!!!!!


sounds like something pupils at harvard or eton get for playing POLO or something!!!!!

!!!!!!SONY R DIC*HEADZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.