What's Missing from Red Dead Redemption?

GTMAM writes - "Red Dead Redemption is easily a strong contender for Game of the Year. There is really nothing wrong with it, other than the bugged multiplayer, to speak of. But there are a few things I noticed that I would have liked to be different in the game."

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Sir_Falcon3064d ago

When you complete the game you should be able to drive cars over the vast landscape. Its perfect terrain for offroading with gta4s physics.

Dsnyder3064d ago

John hates cars. He said they were too slow and unreliable. So it would be out of character for him to drive one.

WildArmed3064d ago

To be able to kill children..

oh wait.. -.-

Bigpappy3063d ago

Have you done it? and why did you? Oh, i'm sorry, it wasn't you who shot the kid, it was John. I got it now.

JoySticksFTW3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I haven't played RDR yet, and maybe that idea would kill the emotion of the game, but Jackie along for the ride whupping arse would be pretty cool

Maybe next game they could do it. And do co-op with the 2nd player able to use Jackie Chan's move set.

Dumb idea? Who knows, but I'd sure as heck play that!


EDIT: I might get shot watching whatever crazy antics Jackie would come up with next, especially if he drank alcohol and blew fire. Aww yeah!

BannedForNineYears3063d ago

It's missing swimming.......>_>

Fred-G-Sanford3063d ago

I had high hopes for this game, but it ended up boring me to tears.

The GTA series bored me in much the same way, so I guess I'm just not a fan of Rockstar's games.

In fact, I would even go so far as to say that I hate their games. It all just feels so lame and boring, almost the same feeling I get when I go back and play a bad PS1 game.

It's cool that so many people like their games, but I am definitely not one of them.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Yeah everyone likes different things, but I think if you've ever enjoyed a sandbox game or third person shooter you should try RDR. SP wise, its in my top 5 favourite games.

I had a similar experience with Gran Turismo. I can play it for one hour max before needing to play Burnout.

GodsHand3063d ago

Missing the 'Swing of Death'. I would love to see some horses fly.

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kneon3063d ago

bug and glitches missing? You must not have played it long enough. There is no shortage of bugs and glitches, what's missing is patches :)

gameslowdown3064d ago

sorry mate but your just pointing out the obvious, I could have told you that.

PrimordialSoupBase3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Here is what should be obvious to people if they actually took a minute to consider what they're playing:

1. The game is incredibly easy, rarely offering an interesting challenge
2. Its economy and ecosystem exist for no reason or applicable purpose
3. Its fame and honour systems exist for no reason or applicable purpose
4. No lasso in multiplayer
5. You can't set up bait within settlements or towns (read: pointless limitations in an 'open world')
6. Though improved over GTA IV, the fail states within the linear missions can be plain retarded (I bump a race spectator, have to restart at a checkpoint)

Stalker shares many of Red Dead's systems and concepts and executes them impeccably. Rockstar once again has produced an average game with fantastic style and character -- unfortunately, the latter now takes precedence for 'gamers'

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3063d ago

I see the reasoning behind your points, but I disagree with some of them.

The game is incredibly easy with auto aim. But if you use expert aim it makes it much more challenging. You could say Bioshock unchallenging on easy, but Survivor without Vita chambers is quite a bit harder. Instead of difficulty levels you have different targetting systems.

I'm glad theres no lasso in MP. It'd just mean noobs would spend 3 hours being dragged around on the back of a horse. It'd ruin free roam.

Why would you need a more complex economy than that of gaining money to buy weapons/properties/horses? I don't see what else could be done with money other than buying things.

Fame/honour is there to give you some recognition of the effects of your actions.

If you want to read into a game that much, then fair enough. I take games as entertainment and RDR entertained me greatly.

vickers5003063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

1. Take off auto aim, noob.
2. Just like Smokey Bacon said, what else why would you need a more complex economy system? This isn't WoW, so go back to playing that if you like economy/trade based games so much. I think it's cool that it's even there in the first place, since it adds a bit of freshness to the game.
3. Fame and honor exist for no purpose? You suck at trolling. It's obvious you haven't played the game. Fame and honor make people react to you differently, it gives you certain perks such as discounts, the law will turn a blind eye to you, and a couple of other things I haven't yet discovered.
4. True, that does suck.
5. What other actual good game lets you set up bait to lure in animals to hunt at all? Not very many. They don't want you setting up bait in town because it would be retarted. You're just too lazy to get on your horse and ride out of town for a couple of seconds. This isn't a game like mw2 where everything is done for you and you don't have to barely move.
6. Are you f*cking serious? You must be joking right? You're calling the game linear? If you think this game is linear, then I don't know what game you wouldn't consider linear. You probably delude yourself into thinking games like Uncharted 2, Alan Wake, or Halo aren't linear. For your number 6 reason, that is the very proof that you haven't played this game, or at least haven't spent more than 5 minutes with it.

I know you think you're "cool" when you're bagging on Rockstar just because they are a big dev, but you're not. But hell, I'll humor you for a bit. What games do you consider to be a non-linear, challenging, fame/honor/rankbased level system that exists for a purpose, and that has a better bait system than Red Dead?

I think you're missing the point of this game. This game is a western, and is designed to be like one. This isn't some stupid gta game where you can run around doing whatever the f*ck you want, no matter how ridiculously idiotic it may be.

Red Dead is a fantastic game, whether you like it or not, and no matter how much you hate Rockstar and think you're cool for doing so, nothing about that will change.

Independent_Charles3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

turn that rubbsih auto aim nonsence of for open world or atleat be able to join open world games with it turned off and make the guns deal more damage. 4 shots with the rifles into someone then get 2 shots from a lemat revelover back and im dead <-- stupid and now im just plain bord of it and gone back to gears 2 and alan

PrimordialSoupBase3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

The very first thing I did was remove the auto aim and it's still way too damn easy.

I bring up the bait because it's a missed opportunity to make an applicable and hilarious use of the game's AI system (bringing a bear to a gun fight, etc).

The answer to almost every single one of your other rebuttals is simply GSC's Stalker; one of the very few games that can claim to be truly open ended, and it reaps massive dividends because of it.

And no, Red Dead is not a fantastic game. While not quite as retarded as GTA IV's hyperbolic reception, the general opinion will turn slightly as time goes on and the rose coloured glasses begin to fade to reveal the real and serious problems with Rockstar's rigid design.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3063d ago

To be honest i found Stalker mediocre at best.

Real and serious problems with R*s design? That design is the reason why R* games have become so popular so they must be doing something right.

Everyone has different tastes in games and the reason you dont like RDR is because you dont like the way games like that are designed.

RDR is a fantastic game. Just look at the amount of people saying its one of the best games they've played. You may not think it's as good as 99% of other people, but you are in a very small minority. A few people saying a game isn't fantastic does not make it an average game when thousands of people think its amazing.

poopface13064d ago

The ability to have more than 1 horse.

So my good horse can stay for xtra dangerous missions, because I dont want him to die.

- Ghost of Sparta -3064d ago

If you break a horse in the wild it immediately becomes available to buy from any General Store. You could buy all the horses you want.

bjornbear3064d ago

i killed my kentucky saddler by under estimating a cliff hight.

i survived, but he basically broke his legs and died...then when i whistled for one my normal one came back

strangely, its as fast as the saddler so i basically wasted 750 =(

still, i'd love to here i come

- Ghost of Sparta -3064d ago

Bjorn. If you purchased the Kentucky Saddler and it died somehow, simply open up your satchel and consume the horse again.

aaronisbla3064d ago

you might have to buy the deed from the shop first, if its the one you get from one of bonnie's missions ( pearl white horse ) you need the deed first. $750-1500, depending on your honor and where its bought

poopface13063d ago

And It just died as I was playing a few minuets ago. Weird because I thought it was safe but I guess it died while I burned down the village.

WildArmed3064d ago

As Ghost said, Buy a deed for the horse as soon as u break it.
That way u get a free horse when the current one dies!

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socomnick3064d ago

What's missing is Decent rpg elements, a better shooting mechanic and please remove auto toggle aiming from the multiplayer in red dead redemption 2.

Toggle aiming has no place in any multiplayer.

HighDefinition3064d ago

Wow, we agree. The world must be coming to a end.

bjornbear3064d ago

the toggle aiming should be 100% expert no auto-aim all around.

they should bunch up casual servers with normal servers, and isolate expert servers, not the other way around =/

ChefDejon3064d ago

you can level to unlock the hardcore multiplayer modes with no auto aim.

FragMnTagM3063d ago

to unlock the hardcore modes with expert aiming. Is it really that big of a deal?

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