Top 5 Upcoming Summer Games for the Playstation 3

The Playstation 3 is heading into the summer season with a great head of steam thanks to a great year so far. Here are the top five most-anticipated upcoming games for the system from June through August.

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DeltaZ3R054750d ago

hmmm, i pass (Fallout :New Vegas... is my most anticipated game) maybe except for Dead Rising 2 chainsaw paddle ftw! ^_^ .

Rocket Sauce4750d ago

I'm so ready for Dead Rising 2. My favorite is either the grenade duct-taped to a football or the rake connected to a car battery.

JoySticksFTW4750d ago

I hope they fixed the save system.

The first game's save system sucked - but at least when you died, you kept all of the experience from your previous playthroughs

And it looks like DR2 has the Dawn of the Dead, quirky, violent comedy feel that the first game had

Rocket Sauce4750d ago

It's different, I guess, but I don't get why so many people have problems with the save system. If you can tell time, you can play Dead Rising.

Downtown boogey4750d ago

AGREED! What the hell is this list all about..?
I'd totally put Crysis 2 up there. I'm sure it'll be great.

-Mezzo-4750d ago

My Brother is going nuts with excitement, he's such a big fan of the Fallout series though i din't enjoyed Fallout 3.

emk20044750d ago

i hate dead rising the time limit crap ruined that game for me. i think they should allow you to turn it off them the game would own. i kept loosing and it wanted me to start over cause i like to take games at my own pace.

Darkspade4750d ago

Whats the next PS3 Exclusive Title? I'm thinking it's GT5 but thats not a game i want.. Other then that I'm Thinking killzone 3 or WKC 2.. Not to much I'm looking for ... Mod Nation is fun and will last me for awhile.. OH YEAH LBP2 Looks amazing

ALFAxD_CENTAURO4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

Is the list of Summer.

They forget to add Atelier Rorona, exclusive for PS3 as Trinity Universe. And probably WKC 2 which is not in the list.

KZ3 will come next year. LBP 2 and GT5 don't have a month yet, just we know those 2 are coming this year.

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