Sony Aiming For A Bungie Exclusive, Money Talks HHGS 5/30/10

1. Motorstorm 3D
2. Alan Wake – 8.5/10
3. Capcom Guest Stars On HHGS – Ghost Trick DS Interview
4. HipHopRss – Drake Has The Torch Right Now
And Much More

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Sevir043066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

but as far as bungie making an exclusive.. 10 years from now, that option will be readily availible.

edit: wait it's HHG!

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hamoor3066d ago

how does he come up with these headlines???

MiloGarret3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Easy, check me out yo, yo, yo, yo..........yo (getting into character)

Confirmed: FFXIIIvs going multiplat - 360 version comes in 2 DVD's

Wzup neow huh? ey yo yo, now you try, foo!

cayal3066d ago

Well we know that's a lie.

Considering towns and open world, Final Fantasy Versus will be at least 4 DVDs.

Lifendz3065d ago

He knows how to get our attention. It's a skill really. If editors around the country were half as good as HHG at creating an eye-grabbing headline the newspaper business would not be in such dire straits.

MiloGarret3065d ago

@cayal: It was an example genius... And you would have clicked the link if it had that headline. Consider yourself a sucker.

Hmmmm, 22 disagrees, i think hhg left at least 10 of those.

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Lifendz3065d ago

I don't see Sony paying money for an exclusive unless it's a major major franchise, e.g. Grand Theft Auto. Why pay for something that: 1) is an unknown game and; 2) is being developed by a dev that hasn't shown it can handle the PS3?

Nah, if anything I expect Sony to have R* come out on stage and announce not only Agent but GTA5 as PS3 exclusive. That's the more likely scenario if Sony is paying for exclusives.

Matter of fact, Agent is already PS3 exclusive. Why spend more money? No. The big shocker at this years E3 will be MGS5. Yep, Metal Gear Solid 5. We'll get footage of Infamous 2, Agent, more on FFXIV, LBP2, Last Guardian, Man Furismo Jive, and the big shocker is Kojima coming out and announcing MGS5.

T9X693065d ago

Why in the hell would the announce MGS5 when they havn't shown anything from Metal Gear Rising? MGR will be at E3 this year, not MGS5.

Dnied3065d ago

I'm pretty sure peace walker is to be treated as MGS5 Kojima he has said this himself did he not?

gtamike3065d ago

I would enjoy the hip hop gamer show if it was in text form.

Alex Kidd3065d ago

Atleast its got HHGS in the title so if you had've read it you would've known

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Shaman3066d ago

Whoa...this guy sounds like is is mentally sick.Dont get me wrong,if he likes to talk no prob but he really sounds like he needs some help.He has serious problem with obsession towards Sony,he is not into games at all,its like all he ever does is making stuff up in his mind...

Britney Spears3066d ago

you mad he doesn't support a company that makes unreliable products.

ChronoJoe3065d ago

Actually he goes either way. Some of his stuff is very 360 biased, depends on what he's headlining. In this case it's PS3 favourable.

Not that there's all that much to talk about on the 360s side though, they're much more open about future developments and as far as good games all that looks to be lined up is H3 and G3. Nothing particularly interesting.

silkrevolver3066d ago

...we need to get a running list of all of the bs claims HHG has made that haven’t come true. Once the list reaches 300, we block his articles.

Godmars2903066d ago

Another part of me says what the hell, might as well accept HHG and the part he plays in N4G culture.

As overreaching and inaccurate as he is...

silkrevolver3066d ago

...I agree that it has become apart of N4G... albeit an extremely annoying part.... but a part nonetheless. I still think it would be fun to keep a running list... just to see how crazy his “news” is.

horrorcaust3066d ago

300? In that case he would already be out of here. Seriously, all of these retarded articles should be categorized as spam...

cereal_killa3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

"oh really silkrevolver, first of all let's start with Insomniacs new IP, at first I was exaggering right now look who was right and who was wrong, don't bet against me homey"

OH WTF even a broken clock is right twice a day just because you get one thing right doesn't make up for the 50000000 things you get wrong Patcher has a better track record of being right than you and even thats just a pathetic as you the only reason your even on here is because your own site drones approve you every time you release your flame bait trash.

silkrevolver better watch you say about HHG you know what he said about anyone who tries to do anything to him a E3, God I hope to hell they don't let you into E3 because of that stupid video you made gonna make your credibility (what little you have) down the drain.

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Godmars2903066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Noticing that Sony tends to put more of it into their products, while MS goes for advertising/hype.

[email protected]:
MS paying 50~75 million for timed access to DLC, money that could have gone towards at lest one new IP if not three, all this crap surrounding Natal well before its even released, doesn't say as much.

Godmars2903066d ago

Amazing that there are so many disagrees, but few examples of MS applying effort into creating new IPs. More often its more about timed exclusivity or reviving an older series from another console's library.

theIMP3066d ago

Well Mars, seeing as how GTA4 sold more on 360 I would have to say it paid off, at least in that example. I do not disagree with the fact Sony does invest heavy in its games and it shows.

PLAYWATCH3065d ago

And even if MS wanted to put that money into games instead they can't because they only have 2 or 3 internal studios which are busy creating their 1 or 2 games every 2 or 3 years. They have a lot of money but they can't seem to expand their game lineup due to lack of dev teams.

Marquis_de_Sade3065d ago

I disagree, for the following reasons: Since the creation of the Xbox brand, MS HAS invested money into new IP's. I think people forget Sony have been in the console business almost twice as long as MS.

Gears of War
Mass Effect
Alan Wake
Rallisport Challenge
Top Spin
Crimson Skies
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Jade Empire
Viva Pinata

All of these games started off with either internal 1st party development or were published by MS Game Studios. Sure, it may not be as comprehensive as Sony's, but don't try and make out it's non-existent.

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