Call of Duty 4 Release Date

The game that to most gamers stole the show at E3 has a release date.

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Kratosnake4135d ago

Now i gotta get the 3rd installment and beat it before this one soars.

I'm really excited about the setting of this one, it's fresh. I'm glad its not another WWII or WWI or Vietnam. kudos IW.

EZCheez4135d ago

Save that money for COD4! It's not like you'll be missing out on the storyline because there is no link between COD3 and COD4.

iNcRiMiNaTi4135d ago

i was gonna say that....

if u played CoD2 then theres really no reason to play has gay minigame gimmicks where u have to plant bombs and shake the controller or button pressing stuff...its supposed to be an FPS but treyarch wanted to try and add stuff.......stuff that sucked...

so yea, just wait for CoD4..thats a game that'll be worth ur money im sure

Kratosnake4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

my friend already has 3, i'm not buying it.

But it would get me acquainted with the controls a bit and get me back in the mood... i haven't played COD in a while.

Dr Pepper4135d ago

Infinity Ward has restored my interest in the CoD series. Call of Duty 3 let me down, but after looking at all the vids and screens for #4, my hope is restored. Infinity Ward really knows how to make a great game and I have a feeling they won't let us down.

I can't wait for October 30th.

The Karate Kid4135d ago

Killzone 2 Sole The Show. You know that and I know that

There were only 19 articles and posting on N4G alone about Killzone 2. Oh and all positive responses as well.

Kratosnake4135d ago

rio, the only problem with KZ2 (which i think looks stunning by the way) is that it didn't have any playable demos for the audience. Also, there was much more detail shown on the gameplay for COD4 that made it so rich.

Don't get me wrong, i think KZ2 will be something special, but we should give some room for COD4 to enjoy the spotlight, Infinity Ward deserve it.

Descendant4135d ago

Killzone 2 isn't coming out this holiday season, and to me and a lot of people believed this to be a great surprise.

THE VIOLATOR4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

All you Sony Flamers can say is:
1. WAIT for Killzone !
2. WAIT for MGS4 !
3. The PS3 is the best - Just check out the specs !

Xbox360 owners will be *playing* 1st party AAA titles this fall, not *waiting* to see if Sony can produce one. The PS3 is so powerful that *every* game on both platforms to date is either superior or equivalent on Xbox360, with one exception: Oblivion. NCAA 2008 @ 30fps & 720p on your "superior" console ? Give it a rest. You get COD4 too, flamebait.

By the way, can't you flamers come up with ANY other comeback other than a 5 minute trailer of Killzone ? COD4 is a *PROVEN* franchise & the DEMO's graphics were AT LEAST equal to Killzone's *trailer*. We'll see what KZ2 is or isn't sometime in 2008. Until then, the "Killzone" argument is a joke !

cavvac4135d ago

Sorry pal, COD4 is the best game I've ever seen.

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XENOCIDE4135d ago

4th quarter '07 is lookin' a little dense with all these blockbuster releases. This game will be ridiculous tho, definitely has the potential to be the best COD game yet.

Adamalicious4135d ago

Totally. There about about a dozen games coming out and I'll probably only have time for two.

omansteveo4135d ago

This was definately game of the show, it graphically blew me away. I think this and halo 3 will be the biggest sellers this hoiday.

InMyOpinion4135d ago

Bioshock as well. And I think Mass effect will sell lots too. Not at first, but after some time.

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