'3D Without Glasses' Tech Improving, But Needs Work

Given all the 3D hype lately, one of the things Michael J. Miller wanted to see at the SID show this week were displays that did 3D without special glasses. There are a number of different "autostereoscopic" solutions out there, at various stages of development.

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jack_burt0n3065d ago

3m optical solution sounds great and so simple for handheld gaming.

Hideo_Kojima3065d ago

handhelds because no one holds a handhelds sideways so you only need a 60 degree viewing angel which can already be done.

Who cares if the guy next to you sees a blurry double image?

/not sarcasm

rexus123453065d ago

but the viewer also must remain at a set distance from the screen, I can imagine people with long or short arms might now be very comfortable holding the device at the exact right distance.
Samsung's holographic display sounds more promising.

SpoonyRedMage3065d ago

The 3DS will most likely use Sharp screens. They are making some new screens that are both 3D and Touch and around 3.5 inches so perfect for Nintendo's next handheld. Also they include the ability to turn 3D off, which Iwata said the 3DS will be capable of, and also have alternate orientation(Book mode). Seems to good to be true.

...and as pointed out a small viewing angle isn't an issue on a handheld.

gameslowdown3065d ago

this has been around for ages, since last december I think, i don't think the've gotten anywhere with it yet, post about it when they do though :)

jjesso19933065d ago

Well they will have to have the feature to turn 3d off for the people blind in one eye. I tihnk they will but not for long time at the momment its only vieweble from straight view lets just see what the future holds I just want to see 3ds at e3.

ps3best3065d ago

3D Without Glasses...would be nice

CobraKai3065d ago

Nothing more uncomfortable than putting 3d glasses over your glasses. Once this glassless 3d tech gets perfected then I'd jump aboard the 3d bandwagon

cayal3065d ago

My Dad got a 3D TV (cos he needs to have every latest gadget) and it's not too bad with glasses over glasses. I could do without it.

But I do like the 3D, it's good with sporting TV.

cayal3064d ago

It's a Samsung, but don't know the model (not at home at the moment).

D4RkNIKON3065d ago

This is why I don't want to buy a 3DTV yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.