Sony Releasing a New Device to Compete with iPad / iPhone; PSP2?

Sony has been known for making both handheld and mobile systems for the past decade. With the rumors of a new system (PSP2) debuting this year, could it be just an alternative device to compete with the iPad and iPhone?

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Hideo_Kojima3116d ago

I do not think Sony would release a PSP with an Android OS.

It would be a smart move to lean a bit more towards the iPad with PSP 2.
Mobile web will also appeal to people who are really into gaming on the go.

But they can do those things on PSP 2 without the need to use Android.

MightyMark4273116d ago

I rather go with the iPad ;o

Venatus-Deus3116d ago

You haven't even seen the PSP2 yet!


bootsielon3116d ago

Because the iPad itself is stupid. PSP2 should double as a 4G phone. I don't know why many idiots say it should be 3G when 3G is already obsolete.

Legosz3116d ago

Nothing can compete with apple. Sorry but it is true.

Lich1203116d ago

Just as long as were not talking about operating system attachment rates of course.

Halochampian3116d ago

actually many can.

Once people become smart and realize that Macs, iphones, ipads, ipods... are totally overpriced. And that there are plenty of other products that are cheaper and better.

ATLGAMER3115d ago

Rip off...and its a joke

RedDevils3115d ago

I say they should rename it to iCrap lol

ChickeyCantor3115d ago

"You haven't even seen the PSP2 yet!


You tried to talk sense into a APPLE fan?
O my...

SprSynJn3115d ago

"You haven't even seen the PSP2 yet!


He doesn't really need to. If it does actually use Android, then that is all the info he needs.

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randomwiz3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

PSP2 can not have android, that would use up too much system resources

Maybe the articles talking about the rumored "Sony Courier"?

Apolloeye3116d ago

Well Bravia TV's are going to run Android built right into an Intel chip, so how much resources could it possibly use?

silvacrest3116d ago

optimization and better hardware can counter that, highend smart phones these days are running 1GHz processors. i recently found out the that PSP processor is around 300MHZ

also, companies like HTC, motorola and samsung have their own UI on top of android and it still runs fine, im sure sony can do it too

randomwiz3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I dont mean that the psp2 won't be able to handle android, i mean it will greatly reduce the power left over for gaming. If the psp2 ran android, it would need to run both android and the game at the same time, and thats asking a lot from the system, considering these games are going to be running at a high resolution.

Look at HTC Hero, it lags under some load, because even though it has a nice 528mhz processor, the os + htc's sense is demanding.

Look at Sony's X10. Its a great phone with a cool looking UI and a powerful 1ghz processor, but in some places it lags because it does too much. Even with the best optimization, a custom game os would be much more efficient than android os.

evilmonkey5013115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

UH>>>>no.Newer Bravia tv's run the rezga cell processor and it is by far superior to an atom processor. Like the article states, those processors are for netbooks. You can run android on just about any os, as the article was trying to tell ya. Try processing 1080p on a

simplyRealistic183115d ago

The lag on the X10 is on sony's part dont blame android, htc incredible don't have lag problems,Samsung galaxy S don't have that problem, android o the psp can work they need better optimization crew over at sony

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sikbeta3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

If you want a PSP2 with Androids, it'll be like the OtherOS, but inverse, like running The PSP2-GameOS inside the A-OS...

But the idea is To Make a Gaming Handheld with cellphone Features + additions + apps, not a Cellphone with Gaming Features...

PSP2 must be a Gaming Handheld (+2 Analogue sicks) + Cellphone Features...

simplyRealistic183115d ago

no they wont make have calling feature, besides skype that is

beardpapa3116d ago

I said it before and I'll say it again. It's sad that journalists are pitting game companies against Apple. They're not even serious about gaming! Look at the recent ipad games on the app store. They're pathetic! Besides, the ipad isn't even designed to be a competing portable gaming 'console'.

I think it's more reasonable for journalists to just go back with the whole Sony vs Nintendo vs Microsoft debate and leave Apple out of the entire equation. It's already clear that all Apple is targeting is the mobile casual crowd.

JL3116d ago

Well Apple may not be "serious" about gaming, but they're making a serious impact, that's just plain fact. Granted they're not the top dogs right now, but in only a year they managed to grab 5% of the market. That's a big stride. And as far as revenue goes, the iPhone accounted for 19% of the market while the PSP only had 11% and the DS dropped to 70%. I said, they may not be serious about gaming, but they're making a serious impact on the mobile gaming industry.

You think it's coincidence that Sony brought "Minis" to the PSP? Hardly not. They saw how well the app store was doing and how those "casual games" hook people in, so they wanted a piece of that pie.

Hell if you want to debate it, by your logic Nintendo shouldn't even be compared cause they're mostly about things like Wii Fit, etc. So they're just appealing to the casual market mainly with the Wii. So I guess they're not serious about gaming either?

Hate it or whatever, but Apple and the iPhone are serious contenders in the mobile gaming market. There's no denying that (at least if you look at facts and not just bias hatred). So say what you want, but clearly Apple is doing something right to be taking such a chunk of the market so quickly. And you see more and more devs flocking to the iPhone all the time.

RememberThe3573116d ago

I have a feeling that they are going to put out a multimedia device that is also a phone and also plays PSP games. I'm pretty sure that they are going to put out a new device but a new platform? No. There is really no need to put out a new platform since nothing is really challenging it on a technical basis. On a functional basis, however, they are getting killed and they will need a new device to compete.

evilmonkey5013115d ago

No one will make games for the psp. I think that's why they're going to go ahead and make the psp2 with TWO ANALOG STICKS!( I hope)

MEsoJD3116d ago

one thought went through my head. Man this would be awesome if it was a cell phone.

People like that all in one device. Just like ipod, Sony would be stupid to not have a PSP cell phone version. Last time I checked PSP games were more fun than iphone.

Wrathman3116d ago

i disagree.

and anyone with a bit of tech knowledge should too.get enough ipads,macs and iphones on the market and they will do wot MS was doin till european courts and monopoly commisions halted them.the exclusion of flash player effectively closes the internet for apple.its the same reason xbox doesnt have a web browser.

its bad for any case HP's slate is superior to the ipad.just like nokia's N900 is superior to the iphone.and just like any custom pc can be superior to a mac.and any creative mp3 player is superior to an ipod.

the only things apple products are good at is' looking better than their competition.'

to comparison to apple can do much much better for cheaper.

SonyOwnsNextYear3116d ago

sony custom gpu or tegra + refined cell hybrid running at 1ghz? 4g support, N-draft, usb 3.0, 8mp camera plus front facing 3mp camera, gps.

give me that on verizon, SONY

mastiffchild3115d ago

Legosz-in gaming terms my iPhone has been the worst investment of my life. that said, it's not a great music/video player and not a brilliant phone either and certainly not for the effin price! Within a week or two of getting it I was back to carrying both a different phone/Mp3/4 player(my superior Sammy) and either my PSP or DSi for gaming and where the iP{ad is concerned I can't even SEE what it's for/meant to be replacing/rivalling as you need a proper keyboard to make it anything like as useful as a lappy/netty and games wise it's just a bigger iPhone with all the same software and control issues that has.

That said, I agree wth you;no one CAMN compete wth Aplple. At least not while people still fall for the "ooh shiny and no substance" BS their lifestyle range represents! What games does it have(outside a handful of really good RPGs-but how many do PSP/DS have!?)that you can't play better elsewhere? Better elsewhere on the go? Sure it does three jobs(n the iPhone's case) but it doesn't shine at ANY of them and the way their products continue to fly off shelves is beyond me-and I REALLY wanted the iPhone to work and reduce my mobile load!

A PSP2, though, need not go touchscreen or 3D, imo. For me touchscreen is best for a very few games and there's nothing wrong with the PSP2 sticking with conventional controls as long as it gets that second analog and the PSN is stocked with a plethora of PS2 titles for it-to me that's Sny's massive weapon in mobile gaming and something they need to utilise. 3D on such small screens might be a cool gimmick but at that size how impressive is it likely to be over the longer term? So, if Sony get a decent slew of NEW software for a PSP2 launch alongside a host of downloadable minis and PS2 games there's little reason a reasonably priced second gen PSP can't survive and prosper. More PS3 and PSN games using RP would be cool too and including sixaxis tech would make some PSN titles and existing PSP{ ones like Locoroco feel like totally new games. Add in the fact that 60million PSPs were sold despite it being heralded as the worlds beggest flop and it doesn't look that grim, does it? Even better if they can fool the pirates for more than half an hour too!

N4Flamers3115d ago

the problem with including a phone is I dont need to pay each month to use their device, ipad doesnt have a phone but you can pay if you wish. I have a 3g smartphone already why would I want to get a gaming device that I would either have to put on my plan or pay extra for.

I wouldnt mind if connecting to a 4g or 5g network is optional but I dont need to look stupid making a call with it, or pay extra for a feature I have.

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jack_burt0n3116d ago

If its going to succeed as a phone it has to be android
google handle the phone and sony handle the games.
Basically an x10 with psp emulation that is win.

jack_burt0n3116d ago

yeah imagine it sliding open like a motorola droid but it reveals 2 analog sticks and buttons instead of a keyboard oh yeah new contract for that!!!

silvacrest3116d ago

you are basically describing the PSPGO except a much better version
one that i would actually buy

hamoor3116d ago

The PSP doesn't have to compete with the iPod
PSP games runs CIRCLES around the iPod games

Kingdom Come3116d ago

I purchased a 64 GB iPad yesterday and so far, they are fantastic, I'm intrigued as to how up to date games will play out on it, as of yet I've only tried standard stuff out, I've always been a sucker for Apple products, having an iPhone and an iPod Touch before that. However, I doubt Microsoft gaming-wise, have anything to worry about.

Jac5al3116d ago

You just bought a giant IPod touch.....

darx3116d ago

lazyboy will you be purchasing this Sony product if legit?

Nitrowolf23116d ago

idk much about Ipad but what exactly is different about it then the Ipod touch?

I mean these rumor content for the PSp2 right here is enough to be an improvment over psp1. Plus it will most likely have more powerful games.

idk i wasn't impressed with the Ipad when i heard its feature and just though of the touch. They should have made it more powerful, just watch them release another Ipda with better feature they have been doing it for years now

ShepardVasNormandy3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Wo its not a giant ipod touch its a mini desktop computer.

lol that being said i dont think there will be a psp2 from sony playstation this time around

when a psp2 is released it will be with the ps4

Millah3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

And whats wrong with a giant iPod Touch? Is that supposed to be a bad thing or something? I can't ever recall a time when people dogged on something for having a larger screen.

If Apple didn't redesign all the applications or optimize the entire platform for the larger display, and basically just took the iPhone OS and upped the resolution then sure you could call it just a giant iPod. But its all about the software, and since the software has been redesigned and optimized, calling it just a giant iPod is a bit arrogant. You can call Android tablets just a giant Droid right? Considering Android has never been optimized or redesigned to accomodate a larger display, those are just giant phones. But nope, I never hear anyone say that.

However if Sony made something to compete with an iPhone I'd buy it day 1 :P. Hopefully it ends up being a phone too, cuz thats part of what makes iPhone gaming so popular, the fact that you only carry one device.

kraze073115d ago

The ipad is not a mini desktop computer it's a giant pda. It doesn't even have usb ports. We should be able to plug devices like PSPs into the ipad and exchange data if it's suppose to be a portable computer.

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mastiffchild3115d ago

It's just so overpriced for the lack of practicality it offers in my eyes. It NEEDS a proper keyboard to be any use as any kind of computer to me and that kind of negates it's entire point, doesn't it? The lack of true Flash support is also a pain but having to buy a peripheral keypad to make typing a reasonable prospect just makes it a non starter for me even if it was on sale at earth prices.

I haven't actually got a downer on Apple as a whole and though I no longer own a Mac I do still own a Macbook and it's great-but their lifestyle stuff is just not worth the outrageous outlay they expect of us for it. iPods have NEVER been great quality for playback, iPhones aren't great at being phones(internet's about their best feature compared to other platforms)and do NOT start me on the gaming side of this puzzling conundrum. I'm just convinced people, myself included, have been duped into buying the stuff because it's nicely designed and ultimately a triumph of style over substance or content. Truly, it puzzles the hell out of me why so many people love their iPhones and iPads. I've tried and fail to see what'#s so great myself.Christ, my mum, bless her, went through all manner of hoop jumping to get me myu iPhone so I was DETERMINED it would be gfreat but it just wasn't and I really struggle to see what other's find so amazing about the thing-each to their own I suppose;)

NYC_Gamer3116d ago

sony shouldnt try to do battle with the ipad/iphone...