Why Your 3D TV Will be Obsolete by 2015

Probably one of the biggest hurdles in pushing 3D into the living room is requiring movie watchers to slap on a pair of custom spectacles to see the 3D effect. Well, come 2015 you might not have to, according a Taiwanese research group.

According to Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), 3D LCD TVs that don't require donning a pair of dorky-looking polarized glasses will hit the global market by 2015, effectively rendering today's displays obsolete (they'll still work, just like a bulky rear-projection TV still works even though they've been supplanted by slim LCD models).

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Dylantalon13061d ago

why your next gen video games will be obsolete by 2015

hay3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

And I change underwear everyday and buy new every few weeks/months, when it'll be a problem for "journalists"?

In 5 years I can be dead. Why the hell they try to deny me from enjoying my life with all this crap and try to persuade me to wait for another few years for things I waited all this time?

To all potential disagreers. Yeah, they may not say a word about waiting, but it's written all around the title, between the, err, line.

And I wonder what the authors of those articles("dorki glasses" and other crap that say you look like an idiot in those glasses) look like when they play games...

Heisenberg3060d ago

And then those No-glasses TVs will be obsolete 5 years after that, or sooner. That's called progress, captain obvious.

Anarki3060d ago

If they wanted to push 3d, they'd work around the 3d tv bullshit..

They should work on making every tv compatible with this 3d nonsense.

sikbeta3060d ago

Don't Hate 3D, it's a matter of time that you'll be enjoying it...

ATLGAMER3060d ago

xbox and wii were obsolete when they came out

PoSTedUP3060d ago

my tv is obsolete right now, i probably wont get my first 3D tv until 2015 XD.

morganfell3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Hey look, it's the same people that said Bluray would fail.

Know what is obsolete? Airbag naysayers from protectionist sites like

Silver3603060d ago

We are in a world wide financial crisis. We just upgraded for thousands of whatever currency you use to HDTV's. Only a very few can afford a new 3D set. So while the technology may be cool it will not hit mass market for several years. And most people do not want to wear glasses to watch TV or pay for extras for guest and then all cram into the sweet spot in front of the TV where the 3D picture can be seen. It is a bad time to be pushing this on consumers, but they have invested and have no choice.

Rainstorm813060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

What technology isnt obsolete after 5 years?

I can name many things that werent out 5 years ago and is all the rage now.

Xbox360 (4 1/2 years), nintendo Wii, PS3, Ipod Touch/iphone, Ipad, Led TVs, etc...

How many of those things are or is about to be obsolete?

ChozenWoan3060d ago

and that was just a few years ago... ok 20+ but still.

My point is, if everyone waited till technology was mainstream, then we would be throwing rocks and running from fire. Cause the only way anything becomes mainstream (other than fads) is 1 unit at a time. Imagine if everyone waited till high speed internet was mainstream... we all would still be using dail-up. Owch.

And to be honest, although many of us have upgraded to HDTVs, many people are still rocking the SDTV (and gen6 consoles) like it's 1999 or something. I would rather they skip the HDTV and jump straight to 3DTVs so we can keep technology moving forward.

As more people get gen 7 consoles, more people are getting new TVs. Why make them get an HDTV when they could just get a 3DTV and be good for the next 5-10 years. Those of us who already got an HDTV can likely afford to save up again to get a 3DTV within a reasonable amount of time.... like before KZ3 drops in March 2010.

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pixelsword3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

It's dumb to whine about putting on a pair of 3D glasses when you also have to put on a mic. It's just something you have to wear to get the effect you want. Blowing it out of proportion just makes a person seem fickle; besides, it's not known if it'll work for games anyways.

COINTELPRO3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Why your hotpocket will be cold in 20 minutes.

TotalPS3Fanboy3060d ago

but bite into it and get your tongue burned, again.

Alvadr3060d ago

What TVs arnt obsolete after 5 years? Thats what Id like to know...

dizzleK3060d ago

yea 2015....then wait another several years for them to become affordable to the average consumer.

a previous poster had it right, whats with all these places telling me to wait for something? the 3D tvs currently on the market will probably be half price by next summer. i want 3D now(ish), not wait years for some technology that MIGHT be available.

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