Six reasons why Alan Wake is our Game of the Year…so far

OnlyGizmos: It has been in the making for five years, so when it did come out, there was an aura of “we-do-not-quite-know-what-to- expect” about Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment’s new game for the Xbox 360. Remedy, in case you have forgotten (five years is a long time in tech, after all) are the same folks who brought us arguably the most classy videogame shooter series of all time, Max Payne. So, there was a fair deal of apprehension in the air when the game was released. After all, five days is a long time in tech – the Xbox 360 was a newbie when Alan Wake was announced, and there was no sign of the PS3 or the Wii. Gamer expectations were pretty different (we thought that GTA 3 series and Half-Life 2 were the coolest thing around) then. So how would a game that had started out in those days end up in an era when gamers had been spoilt by the likes of God of War, GTA IV and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

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DelbertGrady3066d ago

Everyones entitled to their opinion. I love Alan Wake but for me Red Dead Redemption has the current GOTY spot. We have a busy year in front of us with lots of great titles still waiting to be released. To early to name anything GOTY yet.

deadreckoning6663066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Its an opinion. Nothing wrong with that. My GOTY so far is Super Steet Fighter 4(and yes I've played through GOW3..twice).

"I would go ahead and say that Heavy Rain is more deserving of the GotY title than Alan Wake is."

Wonderful, another opinion :)

@wxer- Grow up. Why are u taking this THAT far lol. Its just an opinion and the first thg u do is look for reasons why whoever gave the opinion is some type of fanboy. What if I said that whoever thinks GOW3 is GOTY is a PS3 fanboy. Would that idiotic statement become valid under ur logic?

Anarki3066d ago

I would go ahead and say that Heavy Rain is more deserving of the GotY title than Alan Wake is.

JoySticksFTW3066d ago

Right now I'd probably go with Mass Effect 2 or GoWIII

For ME2, I loved the feel of trying to get through the Suicide Mission with everyone alive and seeing people's reactions to ME1 deeds.

For GoWIII, the action and boss battles are unmatched for me. Plus, the only character as cool as Kratos is Snake (Naked or Solid/Old Snake)

I'm glad someone said Heavy Rain as one of their picks though

All three are epic experiences

And I've heard nothing but good things about RDR

Imalwaysright3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

" And yes I've played through GOW3.. twice." Another troll/attention whore trying to start a war with PS3 fanboys. Couldnt you just say that SSF4 is so far your favorite game of the year?

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hay3066d ago

I may be weird but I'd put 3D Dot Game Heros as my personal GOTY. The game is hilarious and sometimes you must actually use some brain. Like the good old times.

OwNizzleD3066d ago

i hope i like 3D Dot Game Heros i'm pickin it up this week.

N4BmpS3066d ago

You're not weird, I think that game is widely overlooked, I only played a little bit of it(like everything else this year, odd)but I think it should be a contender for GOTY. I can't choose a GOTY 'cause I only played one game (God of War III)

Ult iMate3066d ago

GOTY is mostly for hyped big games.
So we should have something like "alternative GOTY" for titles like "3D Dot Game". Because 3DDGH definately deserves an award.

monkey nuts3066d ago

I'm only on the fourth orb and so far every second with the game has been quality. Even all the mini games are time consumingly addictive. The only part that annoyed me was when II bought a sword for 1000g's, then found the Heavenly sword (reference maybe?) about an hours later. Still atleast it won't happen on my next playthrough. Its one of the better games this side of 2010 imo, its as good as any old skool zelda and has the difficulty balanced perfectly. Also If you go to the 3d dot site you can download user created skins, some of which are unbelievably good. I've yet to pick AW up yet, between 3d dot and RDR I don't think I'd have much time for it at the moment.

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ProjectVulcan3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Not even in the same category as Red Dead Redemption, Super mario galaxy 2, Mass effect 2, God of War 3 or Heavy rain for me. Be lucky to remain in my top 10 by the end of this year with GT5, Little big planet 2, Mafia 2, Crysis 2, Reach, Last guardian if it arrives, Starcraft 2, Fable 3 etc etc

Great year for gamers. Swamped with class titles

NecrumSlavery3066d ago

I am torn between Heavy Rain, GOW3, and Read Dead Redemption

But as of now, it's going to be Heavy Rain. That game just blew my mind.

Imperator3066d ago

Alan Wake was great, bug it is no Game of the Year. My vote still goes to God of War III.

Anon19743066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I'm looking forward to it but I went to pick it up yesterday and everyone wanted $70 cdn for it. I can wait, thanks. I picked up Demon's Souls for $40, and that was Gamespot's GOTY pick last year.

I don't know if it's the price or just the fact that it's not a shooter, but Alan Wake really seems to be getting the shaft. I've heard nothing but good things about it but no one seems to be buying it. It looks like it'll be a struggle to even break 500k.

Come on, people. If we don't support anything but shooters on the 360 then we can't complain if developers feed us nothing but shooters. I hate to say it but looking at sales of Heavy Rain, Alan Wake probably would have done better if it was released on the PS3.

vhero3066d ago

I would agree its a little to premature to name anything GOTY but this article is called clutching at straws knowing fine well titles like Halo Reach are coming out later this year and Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been lapping up 10's like they they going out of fashion.

huzzaahh3066d ago

10's have been handed out far to frequently this generation. It's quite sad, actually, because it means that people miss out on much better games because they only get an 8 or 9 average. Yeah, "only" is right. People really don't appreciate 8's or 9's any more.

Fanb0y3066d ago

Maybe a bit off topic, but

That ending was confusing. I just finished the game, and I was quite impressed by the story and how the entire game was well paced.

TheXgamerLive3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I'll only say one thing. heavy rain isn't a true game to begin with. you look at a revolving choice and choose it, then the game basically does everything else, you can watch 96% of this so called game with the controller in your lap. This is NOT a true video game.

Anon19743066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I haven't played AW yet, but having played HR I've got to say there isn't an ounce of truth to that statement.

96% you just watch? What nonsense. Anyone who's played the game knows that's garbage.

huzzaahh3066d ago

Games used to have less interactivity than Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain is loaded with interactivity, and darkride66 is right. You haven't played Heavy Rain.

Heisenberg3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

I tried to think of another way to put this, but.... You're full of shît, and you know it.

HR simply comes up with new and innovative ways to interact with a story. In many ways it's more interactive than conventional games. Most games, if you were going to cut your own finger off for example, you would press the action button, whereas in HR you are able to direct your hand to your weapon of choice, lift it up, and actually become involved with the motion of carrying it out. That's just one example, it helps to better immerse you in the situation at hand, the control scheme changes on the fly to best suit the situation.

Every game is just animations attached to corresponding buttons so to speak, HR just has a different approach. Certain things you have more control over than most games, certain things yo have less control over...

Don't be so closed minded, just because HR doesn't fit into the tiny little box that you think a game is supposed to be, doesn't mean it ain't one....Think outside the box, or you'll miss out.

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jeseth3066d ago

Overall I'd pick God of War 3. An amazing ending to one of the greatest franchises on gaming. That game had the most HOLY $%&# moments of the year so far for me. Just jaw dropping and visceral.

I haven't played Alan Wake yet so I can't say one way or the other but it looks like a great game. I think Mass Effect 2 is still 360's best game this year.

Other games this year that have been excellent IMO :

Red Dead Redemption (Why was this so great and GTA4 so "eh"?)
Heavy Rain (Intense, in a word)
Mass Effect 2 (Bioware is great, hope they do more PS3 games)
Modnation Racers (Excitebike meets LBP)
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (I can't help it, no matter how many times they beat the Mario horse. . . I love that little plumber!)
Alan Wake (Haven't played it but it apparently deserves to be in the running).

Happy Memorial Day to our Veterans! Past and Present. Thanks for your service.

poopface13066d ago

But other greats Ive been happy to enjoy this year include alan wake too.

Also GOW3 and RDR are awesome. Still alot of games I want to play like bayonetta and heavy rain.

who cares about GOTY when we will all play way more than one game anyways.

Independent_Charles3065d ago but! i found this to be a beautiful game and more importantly fun. im on my second play now. 1st one on normal too me 16 hours and now im playing it on the hardest difficulty 3rd chapter 8 1/2 hours so far. i love it cause its differant.

ManGastaS3065d ago

until now is MASS EFFECT 2

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FanboyAttack3066d ago

There have been a lot of good games this year but none as good as Mass Effect 2

IcarusOne3066d ago

Right now I'm tied between ME2 and RDR.

Alan Wake was fun, but I disagree with some of this guys points. If there's an Honorable Mention Award, or a Half-Decade In The Making Award, then Wake should get it. I could feel the love and painstaking attention to detail they poured into the game. But it never quite coalesced into harmony for me. Something always felt out of joint. Minor complaints, but still enough to pull me out of the game.

Agreed that the sound design is some of the best I've ever heard in a game. So creepy. So subtle. So awesome in 6.1 surround.

JonnyBigBoss3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Red Dead Redemption was superior to Mass Effect 2 in every area. Not to say ME2 was bad, heck, I gave it a 9.3/10, but Red Dead Redemption is just BETTER.

I also believe God of War III was a heck of a lot better and the little Nintendo boys are going to say SMG2 is better. Sorry, but ME2 isn't winning Game of the Year, or even Game of the Half Year for that matter.

theIMP3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Really, I'm glad you let us know. I wish I could see the future.
I'm gonna give it a shot anway. GOW3 isn't winning any GOTY, or even Game Of Half the Year for that matter.
I love RDR but to say it is superior to ME2 in every way is stupid when everyone know RDR is superior to GOW3 in every way. Not to say GOW3 is bad I gave it a 9.222222222222222/10, its just Red Dead Redemption is just A LOT BETTER!!!!!!
You see how stupid that sounds?

jeseth3066d ago

How can you even compare GOW3 to RDR?

They're completely different genres.

I love both games. I haven't played RDRs online mode yet but I'm in Blackwater and almost done with the SP and I have to say I love it. So much better than GTA4.

But God of War 3 has so many incredible levels and unforgettable epic moments that RDR pales in comparison to God of War 3. The 10 hours I spent carrying out Kratos's revenge was more satisfying than the 80 hours I put into FF13 and the 25 hours I've put into RDR.

Opinions are opinions but God of War 3 will go down as "one of the greatest games I've ever played" and RDR will be a "oh yeah, I remember RDR. . .that was a great game".

And thats a big difference.

I wish GOW3 never ended.

user8586213066d ago

to me goty goes to gow3, the game was just epic start to finish

Kamikaze1353066d ago

It's God of War III. That game was amazing from the moment you press the "start" button, till the moment the credits start rolling. If not God of War III, then Mass Effect 2. Alan Wake doesn't deserve GotY, lol.

JonnyBigBoss3066d ago

Agreed. God of War III was simply a stunning masterpiece. It blew me away and sucked me in. It'll be hard to top it!

yojoe263066d ago

Easy pick for me: God of War 3. But I'll tell you this: Modnation Racers is a very original and VERY awesome game. The matchmaking needs work and the long load times can be annoying, but everything else about this game totally blows me away. I'm tempted to make it my own personal second choice for GOTY.