Metroid: Other M screenshots

New in-game screenshots of Metroid: Other M.

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mau643066d ago

I'm still a little skeptical on this game.

Valay3066d ago

Really? The previews have all been pretty much positive. And they've pushed the game back a bit to improve the game's quality.

mjolliffe3066d ago

I was at first, like every game really, but what I've seen is pretty brilliant :)

johnthe5th3066d ago

All the first impressions have been positively glowing. I can't think of anything in this game that would make me skeptical.

Millah3066d ago

Don't be. A lot of people seem to be skeptical because they think Team Ninja is in charge, but thats not the case. Sakamoto and a lot of the original 2D Metroid designers are in charge of the game. Team Ninjas involvement is really only on the 3D engine and programming, Sakamoto wanted to use an engine similar to the "flashy Ninja Gaiden engine."

EvilTwin3066d ago

Well said, Millah.

Those still left from the original R&D1 (Sakamoto's crew that made Super) are in charge; it's their overall vision. Team Ninja is there to help them make a 3D game (as Sakamoto's team has never done one before).

D-Rockets are doing the cinematics; all three of them together are Project M.

But it's Sakamoto-san's baby. And it's the game I've been waiting for since 1994.

Millah3066d ago

"And it's the game I've been waiting for since 1994."

Absolutely. I was worried we'd never see the day lol.

You know it is pretty hard to believe that Sakamoto and team really never have had to make a 3D engine. Kinda crazy to think we're on the 3rd gen of 3D consoles, and Nintendo still hasn't used them for a bigger project, only handheld titles and like one console Wario Ware game.

Mahr3066d ago

As much as I'm looking forward to this game, I too have some small reservations about it, like when Sakamoto gave that interview where he talked about wanting Samus to come off as 'beautiful' or whatever and how the most important part of the game for him would be to delve into her character and psyche.

I really don't need cutscenes explaining to me how blowing up Space Pirates makes Samus feel.

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NewNameNow3066d ago

and this game looks incredible so far, how the hell could you not be all over a game that Team Ninja's involved in AND some Samus Aran??

I hope there is a good mix of first, and third-person though. I don't want to be third the whole game, or better yet, allow the player to choose!

EvilTwin3066d ago

From the previews, the controls are hold the remote sideways, then point at the screen at any time to go into FP view. So you're allowed to choose; it's just a matter of which view will work best for certain circumstances (you can only fire missiles in FP).

But this is Sakamoto's team, and all they've ever done is third person 'Troid. We've got an excellent collection of FP Metroid with the Prime Trilogy, so I'm down for some third-person action.

This is an amazing mongrel of a game; the first of its kind. A 3D game with some 2D-ish viewpoints and a full FPS-type view, too.

gameseveryday3066d ago

For how long Nintendo will stretch this series?

Kingdom Come3066d ago

Claims the guy with the Metal Gear Avatar...

ChickeyCantor3066d ago


meganick3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

They'll stretch this series as long as they keep making great games I suppose. The Prime games were fantastic, and so were the two Game Boy Advance Metroids. And of course, Super Metroid is a classic. They can keep making these games forever, as long as they're good.

Kingdom Come3066d ago

Loving the mixture between the 2 Interpretations of the franchise, FPS Segments and Side-Scroller Segments. Two era's colliding to form a Spectacular Game for the series' fans.

BYE3066d ago

Exactly, I wonder why there aren't more games that have done this switching perspectives thing. Too much work I guess.

t-dizzle3066d ago

This is Team Ninja after all...

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