Console and game sales the day after E3

Recent data gives light to Sony's claim of a doubling in their sales since their US$ 100 price drop. For the sales week ending on July 14 at least, sales for the PlayStation 3 rose 131%, more than double, outrunning the sales of the 360. The Wii rose by 10% but the Xbox hardly moved, selling only 1% more than the previous week.

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LSDARBY5117d ago

Has the PS3 price dropped in Japan?

Darkiewonder5117d ago

A month after launch or earlier.

They get a few drops here and there and their bundles are far cheaper.

Just saying.

Marceles5117d ago

...and don't forget that Hot Shots Golf 5 and the PS3/Hot Shots bundle comes out on the 26th in Japan and the game already has 300,000 preorders. I know they love this game, but we'll find out how many get a PS3 bundle next week

Odion5117d ago

This data already came out in the vgchartz data! Why are these getting through this one is the same story but from a different site.

drtysouf215117d ago

You have price drop & E3 in July you have the Gaming Convention in Germany in August and then you have The Tokyo Game Show in September all of which Sony has said they have saved big announcements for each. You have Home coming in October and all the AAA releases mixed in their up until the holidays ie. Lair, Heavenly Sword, Haze, Playstation Eye, Warhawk, Ratchet & Clank, UT3, Uncharted and more. They are basically trying to gain momentum from the summer up until the holidays big announcements and then big releases. Its going to be very interesting in the months to come and definitely for the holidays.

MyNutsYourChin5117d ago

That's some good insight. You deserve credit for seeing the bigger picture.

solidt125117d ago

The price was already lower in Japan. The price hasn't lowered in europe yet. Peter Moore should of took a different approach at E3 I guess. Only a 1% increase and he was talking about games out now or this year. I think if he gave more insight on what to expect in the future that would o grab more attention because we already know about the games he announced. People get excited about what to expect and Peter didn't give anything to get excited about but Sony did. We all know Microsoft has alot up there sleeves but we want to hear about it.

devi8i5117d ago

Microsoft has a very strong lineup through the end of the year, probably stronger than either Sony's or Nintendo's. Whereas their (MS) future lineup (8 months out or farther) to this point is not nearly as strong as any one else. They had to play up to their immediate strengths, which I think they did a good job of

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The story is too old to be commented.