TheBitBag: Video Game Warzone #90

On this weeks episode of the Warzone:

Insomniac goes multiplatform
Playstation 3 HBO
Killzone 3 screenshots and video
Half-Life 2 mac commercial
Natal price rumor
Limbo going multiplat
split second, blur, modnation
E3 badges in

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OOG3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Was a funny episode hope you enjoy.

*PS Blur is saweet

Nike3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

I wonder if the guy who said he'd punch HHG at E3 got his badge yet...

@Silver: Lol. No man. Just thought I'd bring that guy up to keep HHG on his toes. ;)

I admit I've got my fair share of dislike for HHG and his utter lack of any journalistic skills or technical knowledge (when it comes to making/editing his "shows"), but going to E3 to punch the guy isn't going to achieve anything. It'll neither prove I'm right, he's wrong, that I'm better or that he should just quit. I'm working on my own gaming show these days, and will plan to propagate it through N4G. If it becomes successful and HHG takes some tips from it to improve his show/material, then I'd consider that a much a bigger win.