Where Blur Ranks Next to Gran Turismo and F-Zero

Before Blur, three groundbreaking games defined the formula for high-speed, no-nonsense racing

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H1ppyDave3116d ago

Nice comparisons, and an entertaining read. I dunno if it makes me really want to pick up the game, but for me the last driving game I actually enjoyed was V-Rally 2, so.....

kimvidard3116d ago

I would have taken Mario Kart rather than F Zero

Caspel3116d ago

no way, F-Zero over Mario Kart any day when it comes to speed.

AlexC3116d ago

In my mind, no racing game will ever outshine Burnout 3...

lightningsax3116d ago

What about Ridge Racer? Riiiiidge Racer!

No seriously, you don't start talking about F-Zero or the potential behind Blur without discussing Ridge Racer. At least something about R4!

RedPawn3116d ago

Thank GOD someone else said R4, the pennacle of the series, the game gave had all the right stuff.

Music was insane.

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The story is too old to be commented.